The Ironbridge Railway

Part of the £25 million should be spent on reopening the rail line (which is intact so it should not be too hard to do) from Ironbridge to Madeley Jnt then onto Telford Central and finally terminating in the empty bay platform at Wellington station. This would boost the tourist economy throughout the Wrekin area and support the climate change agenda through green transport investment.

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3 comments on “The Ironbridge Railway

  1. i fully support this project – it would enhance connectivity, support the green agenda and boost Ironbridge by making it ‘really’ accessible by public transport.

  2. This is an excellent idea and should be supported. A ‘green’ rail link from the bay platform at Wellington station to Ironbridge via Madeley Jnt would provide a good commuter and tourist rail service! It would certainly help the climate change agenda by discouraging cars on the narrow roads in the Ironbridge Gorge.

  3. I support this project as it would provide a good public transport link to Ironbridge and keep cars out of the narrow roads in the gorge.

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