The look of the town centre needs a clean up

Everywhere you look its empty shops or phone shops in the shopping centre . The centre out prices businesses with huge rents . The huge waste land needs addressing is it going to be used or be a big hole for years like Bradford,the run down empty shops on north street which haven’t been open since the late 80s look appalling and vic hotel all boarded up just leaves the town looking dirty unloved and abandoned. Keighley is a lovely place with amazing people but because it’s so run down antisocial behaviour increases as nobody has any pride in what’s around them

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2 comments on “The look of the town centre needs a clean up

  1. The shops on the streets – not the centre – should be done up and leased to independent businesses for free until they get going and then at a reasonable rate to encourage new business. If the shops are empty they aren’t getting any rent anyway. Get keighley out of Bradford councils grip as well.

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