The official parmo walking tour.

What better way to celebrate Teesside’s only true significant contribution to culture and society?? I am of course talking about the parmo.

Let me set the scene. Flattened chicken breast, breadcrumbed, fried, bechemel sauce, cheese of questionable origin, oven baked, garlic sauce. You can’t say no to that.

The official parmo walking tour will be a government initiative that will allow tourists to experience this culinary delight as it was intended.

Beginning at a central visitor centre depicting the history and origins of this humble dish, a 4 hour tour will wind its way around the sights, sounds, and smells of Middlesbrough. With authentic experiences such as watching a smack head struggle to put his dog in a pram, and experience the fiery spirit of the locals as two middle aged woman fight outside of bar cuda. All the while stopping off at the finest purveyors of the parmo along the way to appreciate the subtle variations and takes on this iconic dish.

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