The old Crown paint factory site.

As a new resident to Darwen I can’t help but notice every time you enter Darwen on the A666 the left hand side appears un finished and scruffy. The shops which are empty need improving they are dirty and in disrepair. The grounds around the church apartments could do with the grass cutting and landscaping as it just looks overgrown and the site where new houses have been built a few years needs completing ( the old fencing down, the high wall adjacent to the road completing etc )
It is such a shame that this friendly, welcoming town which has so much history and character looks tired and unkempt in parts.

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  1. Gateways into the town centre from both the motorway and Bolton are really scruffy and do not help to “sell” Darwen . If we have any chance of attracting investment from outside the borough this will need tackling. If the council needs any inspiration they should look towards Rochdale for good practice.

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