The pedestrian pound

One thing that would help Scunthorpe Town Centre is making it easier for people to walk and cycle in to it. Work done by Transport for London as part of their Mini Holland schemes showed that pedestrians and cyclists spend more in shopping areas, than similar places where car parking is king. Scunthorpe has the potential to be cycling town, given its topography, routes such as Brigg Road, Queensway and Kingsway etc, could all easily accommodate segregated cycleways which would encourage a modal shift in transport, from the car, to more active modes of transport and all the subsequent health benefits that would derive from them. Greater Manchester has done a lot of work in this regard, as has TfL.

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3 comments on “The pedestrian pound

  1. I completely agree! It’s so doable, just needs inspiration, dedication and learning from projects already functioning! Let’s copy and improve for our needs 🙂

  2. There was grass and flower beds there years ago. It needs to have something to pull people down that part of town.

  3. I agree, and cyclists should be treated equal to cars or great than cars. A lot of cycle paths lead back onto pedestrian paths to cross roads or go round a roundabout to give priority to cars.

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