The people not the town

Blackpool has had alot of work done recently in the town centre and along its promenade but these improvements are only made for tourists and the actually people who live in blackpool do not see an improvement to life, majority of people can only get seasonal work in a bars and hotels because its the only real job we have in quantity. we need a program to help the homeless of the streets and to help addicts face there addiction and get back to society. And a guarantee of government backed jobs you cant clean up blackpool without helping the people who live there.

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  1. Yes. Authorities and all ‘help’ organisations are too keen to employ volunteers but I argue that this is depriving people of work (whilst at the same time degrading the service). We never get a proper job done, it’s all weak and unorganised.
    Communities can develop their own enterprises if they are properly funded.

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