The prom South of the Claremont

The South prom has heavy footfall year round with one tiny cafe open 364 days per year (The Sunrise), probably the most popular cafe in the vicinity for both locals and visitors alike. Can we please offer some support to businesses such as this which will attract more visitors I.e. resurface the prom which is old and dying a death of a thousand tar repairs, repair the banking south of the Sunrise cafe behind the old concrete beach huts, geez this unsightly mess has been dragging on for nearly two years and still no end in sight, meanwhile the public must speculate on what is happening I.e. No information notices posted at the site on what progress if any has been made and what is the end game, this is symptomatic of certain depts within the council having little empathy with the public and see no reason why they must inform at least for this eyesore of derelict beach huts, security fencing and now sand bags, c’mom East Suffolk Council lets take actionand get it sorted (properly)?

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