The seafront amenities

In the last few years Margate has risen from the ashes with the development of the Turner Centre encouraging unprecedented numbers of visitors to the town along with the redevelopment of the Dreamland amusement park not forgetting to mention lots of smaller businesses varying from restaurants to small art galleries and interesting and unusual secondhand shops selling all sorts of retro goods. All this said and done; the most important facility that is sadly missing is the shortage of public lavatories along the Margate seafront . This needs addressing urgently seeing as this year in particular the Turner contemporary will be hosting the Turner prize drawing in many more thousands of people to the town who will be in need of the facility. Another plus for the town would be a park’nride Facility freeing up our shortage of car parking in the town.

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21 comments on “The seafront amenities

  1. I am 19 years of age and I am disgusted with the town. Need more lights in the high street, more businesses need to be opened and Arlington house needs to be given a face lift! Even just a paint job would do. I agree with the lido being opened again as I have personally never experienced this myself and it looks like a wonderful place to be! I also agree that parking charges need to be taken away when Margate and Thanet altogether aren’t in season as many of the businesses don’t get many customers in winter due to parking charges. There should also be more bins in Margate and the surround areas to help encourage people to use them, these bins should be emptied regularly so to not make them overflow. Also more places for young people to go to and not feel judged as there isn’t much for us to do at the current moment.

  2. Redevelopment of the sea front shops from the train station to Belgrave Rd. Get rid of some the arcades and put in more cafes, bars and restaurants. Make it more into a European sea front esplanade… bring the French Riviera to the UK.

  3. The high street differently needs working on, a tidy up. Cheaper rates for businesses. So that more will move in. And yes more refuge collections in the summer. We moved here 7 years ago & love it, most of the people are friendly & are proud to live here.

  4. Stop the travellers plotting up, get strict on dog crap and litter, refurbish the seating areas that have been left to ruin and clamp down on The drug problem at the Margate end of Northdown Road

  5. Open the toilets and have compostible toilet facilities available during peak seasons.

    To have a more suitable and sustainable refuse solution.
    More bins and education how to use them correctly.

    To provide adequate housing solutions for homeless people.

    To be plastic free.

    To help small businesses and the local economy with financial strains through high rents.

    To re-shuffle the council.

    To allow Margate to create its own council in order not to be dictated to by Thanet District Council.

    More financial support for community run services.

    More investment into local schools.

  6. I manage the bar in one of Margate’s independent businesses, “Elsewhere”.
    And because of our location, we quite frequently get attention from the many homeless people of Margate.

    Maybe looking into some better solutions or development to help the homeless, would benefit them, and small businesses such as ourselves.

  7. Spend £25m and bring the Lido back to life. An important historic part of the town that would bring tourism back to Cliftonville

  8. Re: Cliftonville. Do you think that bringing the Lido back to life and rescuing the Old Crazy Golf site as a Skateboard park would be an excellent way to regenerate that neglected part if the coast ? £25m could go a LONG way towards that. !

  9. Comment made be Clare B a resident of Margate. I moved here from London in 2014 drawn by the beaches, housing prices and developing arts scene. I love it here BUT if I am honest I am acutely embarrassed when friends and family visit as a walk to town from home and in town itself there is too much litter and dog excrement. I am 42 and never seen anything like it before. It really needs cleaning up and if the local district council feel unable to allocate resources to this then I wonder if funding to educate residents is the was forward coupled with enforcement. It is a 365 days a year problem created by residents not visitors. If money needs to be spent on a project rather than an education programme/job enforcement creation then I suggest renovation of the sea front shelters . They are just left to rot. There are volunteers wanting to refurbish them but the local council (I was last told over a year ago ) had failed to create a policy and insurance plan to accommodate volunteer work, unlike other UK councils . We need it ‘cleaning up’ here because our local council are failing at it.

  10. The large empty shops on the high street should be converted to arcades where small scale businesses and artisans could work. Much better lighting in the high street is essential.

  11. Having moved here in the summer, there is a need for extra bins along the seafront. Rubbish is astonishing and isn’t cleaned up quick enough in the summer.

    A need for a park for young children, there is a lack of parks that offer a range of apparatus for toddlers. Harts down has a slide and swing.

    Coming into Margate the roundabout with the welcome message is underwhelming and is boring. Bright colourful flowers and the general seafront taken pride of.

    The flats that dominate the skyline needs a make over. Better care taken.

    Also help for the homeless in Margate, somewhere for them to go of a night that is safe.

  12. This comment made by Garrett Kinsella who has lived in Margate Westgate and Cliftonville all my life the eldest son of parents who were hoteliers and who remember better times in the sixties and seventies. The whole of Thanet has great potential which needs the rest of the country to see its potential and love it like l do

    1. I quite agree the lavatorial facilities in margate are non existent and are desperately needed. I’m unsure how a park and ride would work? Where would you park and ride from? Would anyone use it?

      Perhaps another avenue could be a deal with the rail network to provide cheap rail travel. Both for London to margate day trippers and between local stops ie broadstairs and ramsgate to help discourage the use of cars.

      This would be especially beneficial during the summer season and I would also plea for the council to lower or scrap the ridiculously high parking charges when out of season to encourage the use of the town after all margate doesn’t close for winter haha

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