The town is dying. We don’t need a clean up we need a revival

Scunthorpe isn’t the most violant town or the most troubled. But It’s one of the most depressing. Our very town is in the hands of companies deciding whether to buy our steel works. The rising of unemployment are being made more noticeable by council tax increases and the many mixed ethnicities and languages all together are creating cultural barriers in our community. From frodingham to Ashby most pleasentries could be answered with looks of anxiety or with anger. No one has any motivation or aspirations. No one makes anything of themselves unless they leave, because anyone who doesn’t has had their dreams die. The industrial scene has become so overbearing that a minimum wage unskilled job feels expected. Because of this we are quickly losing higher skilled jobs. My suggestion is that there be less focus on the industrialaziton of the town and more on the teaching and working of different trades and jobs. I was born here. This town’s my home. I don’t want to be ashamed of it anymore.

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1 comment on “The town is dying. We don’t need a clean up we need a revival

  1. You have some good points, we need a diverse set of jobs. We need to encourage other types of companies to set up here not just industrial jobs tied to the Steel works due to its uncertainty.
    A good way to start to encourage companies in to Scunthorpe and stick around is low rents. Many businesses don’t stay around on the high street for this reason.

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