The walk from Darwen Railway Station into town…

I have noticed that what greets visitors to Darwen when they arrive at the station could be improved…
There could be nicer paving along the route and trees planted along the way to link with the newly created market square…
At the moment it is quite unattractive and scruffy, this could be improved.

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3 comments on “The walk from Darwen Railway Station into town…

  1. If parking was free all you get is commuters parking there all day , free parking for 3 hours would be o.k. during the day .

    1. Peter the idea of free parking is to entice commuters to use the carpark.
      We’re supposed to be getting people to use public transport, not encourage them to just drive to work because it’s now an extra £3/day to get a taxi/bus to the train station, not to mention the additional time this adds onto their already gruelling commute to Manchester.
      The train station car park is for people who use the train station. You could probably count on one hand the number of people who go on a return train journey that lasts less than 3 hours.
      There’s plenty of other car parking space in Darwen for people to use when going into town.

  2. Darwen Tower the symbol of the town must be renovated to avoid any further deterioration the station area car park must return to free parking youth club area and parking another renovation project town centre car park another must renovation project

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