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Scarborough Town Centre – Bringing a town centre back to life.

After the Coronavirus outbreak we need to grasp the opportunity that for a while the country will be a different place – councils will be ‘encouraged’ to think differently by their communities – providing the community grasp the opportunity.
The relevance of ‘place’ management can be grasped and made a feature of the town. The local council will need to be bold and follow in the steps of the national government by doing something radical.
People will be cautious with their money; they will want to go out to where things are going on and join in activities they may not have done before.
Certain organisations will want to return to their previous levels of activity but may be missing some participants, so opportunities to showcase them in the town centre should be made available.
The environment, the story of the town and young people are 3 key components.
A programme for empty units could be operated as follow

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