Things that make me upset (jobs/transport/no culture)

Graduates will leave this city if there are no jobs besides business/retail ones. It’s getting too impractical to travel outside of MK because public transport is unreliable (Euston is a joke) so loads of us have gone and got degrees only to find that they’re useless in MK. Employers for non-graduate jobs don’t even reply after making us go through long application processes, it’s so disrespectful. We can’t afford to rent here and moving to another city is hard. Small businesses keep collapsing. There is no broad sense of culture or community because nothing draws anyone together. This place is dead. I have lived here since 2003 and I still feel no attachment to this city despite growing up here. There’s nowhere to make memories or anything, CMK is so gentrified. This city is a collection of empty office buildings and it will stay that way if you keep letting young people leave. MK doesn’t have generations – just people who move in and out. Please invest in jobs, transport and culture.

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