Things To Do All Year Around

Lowestoft needs all year life and not just for tourist’s, it’s deader than Yarmouth in winter with nothing to do but go to pubs and eateries which can get boring. When you look up things to do in Lowestoft there’s nothing IN Lowestoft, within walking distance of my home (I can’t drive) except the odd museum or the seafront. I love the sea so the second option is not a problem, in the summer or on warm days a walk along the seafront, stop off for a meal or a cup of tea is nice enough BUT what about the colder days and the winter months, there’s not much open, yes, you can still have a meal or a drink but that’s all, everything else is closed. I have always loved to walk anywhere whatever the distance, but arthritis in my legs stops me walking as long as I used to (I do try). Most places to visit involve car or bus rides, we need fun things to do in town or the seafront, regenerate buildings for a skating rink (think also of Xmas), a new train or carriage ride, but no more retail shops.

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