Think BIG

Develop attractions around Mablethorpe which would make us a destination rather than just somewhere seasonal.
New development plans, For example build a indoor snow slope centre, build a indoor market for local business to promote the local economy.
McDonald, kfc, the options are endless

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4 comments on “Think BIG

  1. I think what makes Mablethorpe special is the small local businesses rather than large food outlets like MacDonalds and KFC.
    I agree we need better healthcare including a dentist, a NHS walk-in centre would be good.

  2. McDonald’s,kfc,etc will be just the same has other failing high streets. Original outlets instead of ‘tatty’ goods. More interesting food outlets other than greasy spoons, fitness offers open to all as in line with gov objectives to get us healthier.

  3. Agree 100%.
    Mablethorpe’s economy is based on all seasonal work, but yet weekends are still available for families to travel, let’s look at areas that would promote us to be a all year round location. Invest in food retailers, McDonald’s, kfc.
    A bigger supermarket brand, Asda, Tesco.
    Additional health care near Marisco, build a dental surgery.
    Then activity centres.
    Invest in better rides on the fairground, similar to Ingoldmells.
    Build a pier, like Cleethorpes.
    Endless things we could do, but yet we see nothing happening.

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