Think Boston – think equality for disabled people

Disabled and/or elderly people can be disproportionately affected by, for example, the closure of facilities such as public toilets. The vandals end up winning, and toilets are closed to prevent criminal damage, drug-taking or anti-social behaviour. I would like to see stand-alone, wheelchair accessible toilets that can be opened with a swipe card, key or unique code. These can be self-cleaning. If we get the right design, they could even enhance the street scene rather than detract from it.
I realise this is one tiny suggestion for what could be a massive project, but I hope it’s worth considering.

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1 comment on “Think Boston – think equality for disabled people

  1. Accessible public conveniences should be the norm, anywhere. I actually don’t think Boston is too poorly served but any regeneration projects, such as PE21, should include better facilities but that wont in itself bring people back into the Town Centre. Improved public transport, leisure facilities, links with other service providers such as health, improved hotel accommodation and additional housing just might. £25m sounds a lot and I suppose it is but projects should be ambitious and game changing to make a real difference and leave a legacy. So we should have good accessible loos and affordable, convenient parking but they should form part of any interventions and not short term ‘wins’ that won’t in themselves deliver lasting urban regeneration, connectivity or skills, homes and jobs.

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