tier 3 alternative provision for 11 to 16 year olds

I’m 49 and born , grown up and working at The Hastings academy as a maths teacher. Hastings requires a tier 3 alternative provision unit for our young people who for various reasons are unable to function in a mainstream environment. Within the three secondary there are many pupils that have a disproportionate amount of time used to support compared to the majority. This number over the three schools could be around 120 students. These students require a curriculum that our mainstream schools can not provide without a detrimental effect to all pupils. Therefore my early research has given the long term vision to provide support where mental health ca be addressed, shorter purposeful English and maths lessons ( 30 minutes) as well as IT skills and communication skills as well as vocational pathways started earlier than college. Also have local employers come in to share what skills they need to inspire our young people.

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