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TLC requires considerable investment to attract and retain traditional, outdoor sports activities along with facilities such as compliant changing rooms, hard surfaces, drainage etc. Grants, sports funding and support have been unavailable via MDC since mid ‘80’s. While the site has proved to be financially self sufficient it is clear, now that the land is dedicated for sports use, ownership of the entire site should be returned to Glastonbury Town Council who would conditionally form a Glastonbury Sports Association. John Parham, an ex Deputy leader of MDC, at a Town Council open meeting, proposed that G.T.C. should make an offer to purchase the site about 4 years ago. Now is the time to do so to re-energise the entire site and fulfill it’s potential for the well being and benefit of the community.

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  1. Well done, Rik, you have identified an obvious solution and – as with all of these ideas for spending the £25m, the criteria set by the government must be matched – it should help to address inequalities and hardship felt by parts of our community if new facilities can be offered at a reasonable cost to the customers; new jobs would be created; the buildings would be improved as assets for the community; social connection increased for health and wellbeing. You identify the town council as the body to do this, which would no doubt mean a sports and community development officer job added to manage the relationships side. Any more thoughts?

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