Tollgate Shopping Centre & Metro into Smethwick

A new shopping centre needs to be built in place of the dead ghost town Tollgate Shopping Centre behind the High street in Smethwick, with some decent appealing shops and a supermarket please.
Smethwick needs a connection to the Metro preferably near Rolfe Street station.

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9 comments on “Tollgate Shopping Centre & Metro into Smethwick

  1. The 450 provided good connections to Metro and Hawthorns, from High St and Bearwood, it doesnt benefit anyone not serving Halfords Lane who shop in Cape Hill/High St and needed it, currently they have to walk 15-20mins to 89 and vica versa. The 48a should serve Blue Gates on old 448 route connecting people up to Library and our section of Smethwick from parts Bearwood and Warley, people dont like 2 buses. We still have to get two buses to Bearwood just to get to Aldi.

    People miss old 448 and Tesco in Tollgate it was our areas only supermarket. I totally agree with one comment an Aldi and Lidl is needed. People even in Uplands used Tesco and miss it. It gave easy access to disabled and elderly by us who have to now get two buses to supermarkets (Oldbury and Bearwood still arent easily accessed although 89 has made connections better, West Brom is a good walk from bus station from Tesco so people drive) whereas other sections have easy supermarket links. An Aldi or Lidl in Tollgate would be hugely popular and we can get to it easier.

  2. Totally support the comments concerning the withdrawal of the 450 bus service. The Metro service is excellent, and the removal of this direct connection to it has been significantly detrimental. Anyone living in the northern end of Bearwood has either to catch an 82 or walk for 20 minutes to link up to the existing routes. A car park in Rolfe Street would greatly benefit railway users.

    The Tollgate precinct was never a success, and its narrow and dark entrance is particularly uninviting. Only the demolition of buildings fronting High Street will remedy this.

  3. Yes please! More variety needed in the choice and quality of shops on Smethwick High Street. A weekly farmers markets would be very welcome – perhaps give an opportunity to the folks who use the allotments to sell surplus goods.

  4. Just bring back 450 between West Bromwich and Bearwood via Smethwick, was better links to Metro, Hawthorns snd shops on Birmingham Rd so people dont have to go into West Bromwich bus station, which takes longer. To access the Metro from 74 is a long walk anyway, 450 would provide those direct links, people dont always need to go to West Brom for facilities snd most basic facilities are with Smethwick itself

  5. People used to have 450 to Metro station at Hawthorns why it was took off was beyond me, it provided links throughout Smethwick including Bearwood to Hawthorns and High St. People in Windmill Lane could travel to Hawthorns and people near Hawthorns could get to Bearwood, High St and Cape Hill to shop. Just put 450 back on and link us better again. 89 is useless and 15-20mins walk to facilities by Hawthorns 🙄

  6. Tollgate needs improving, too much litter too and no supermarket and links to Oldbury and Bearwood for supermarkets is poor

  7. The links to Metro and trains are poor when you do get there the lifts are poor. If you dont live near main roads and live higher up getting around is terrible. I used to get 12 into Birmingham but bus link was took off so have choice to walk to trains and I have a disability.

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