Touring youth club

Build communities for our young people and encourage ‘positive play’ by setting up a touring youth club in partnership with Warrington schools. Using a four-week rota, twenty primary/secondary schools could open up their premises to youth workers who could organise activities and events, whilst encouraging them to attend Warrington Youth Club (or the Youth Zone once it has been built). To expand this further, offer support services for adults at the same time so they can bring their children to the youth club and receive support or advice for finance, mental and physical health and/or education matters.

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2 comments on “Touring youth club

  1. Apologies for adding a comment to my own suggestion, but I’ve realised that I did not make it clear that this ‘touring youth club’ should operate in the evenings.

    1. This is a great idea. Young people are often at home with nowhere to go. I know because I have a teenager! Having a safe place to socialise would also encourage positive mental health and wellbeing.

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