Town Car Park

Use the land behind the Bridge Cafe that runs beside the train lines to build a new car park, Put in a path on the old railway sidings that go under the bridge connecting new car park to council car park at Tesco making it safer for people to access Tesco and town centre without having to cross road near busy junction, Lighting and plantings could be added to path and under bridge to make it look nicer

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2 comments on “Town Car Park

  1. More car parking is needed in Millom, it’s difficult now for local residents to park and if we want to attract visitors we need more parking spaces especially of more than one hour. I do know of people who have stopped coming to Millom because of the difficulty of parking

  2. Parking is a huge problem in the town, I agree. Sometimes people park and block access for ambulances, rubbish collections etc. It’s all very well giving parking tickets out but there just isn’t nearly enough public parking.

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