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Improve the town centre to attract some better quality shops and restaurants. The town could do with a costa and a reasonable bar/ pub where you can get decent food at any time. We are severely hampered by obscure opening times and places being closed for personal events. This would naturally bring more people to the town and then businesses would expand. Currently why come to Millom? Where do people eat with kids? Enforce shops to open on a Saturday PM and attract weekenders who want access to the lakes but would prefer not to stay in the main tourist hot stops. Also maybe a car park, a decent bus service and a general improvement of the roads and layout of the town. Millom on a rainy weekend is a disaster zone and needs to provide activities, places to eat and drink for locals. There are sufficient sports facilities. These will not bring anything extra to the town

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  1. Surely any business is entitled to open and close when it sees fit. They don’t always have someone to ‘stand in’ for them if they need to go somewhere eg funeral. And why encourage such businesses like ‘Costa’. Let’s have some home grown businesses in the area who will invest themselves in the community, not just the next buck they can take.

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