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  1. It would be a massive step to have a ferry linked to the rest of Europe. This would boost our cultures, and links to the continent we are supposed to be apart of. Why always travel to dover for? We could have a port here to also boost our economy.
    Also the town needs a boost in housing, everythings lowrise, its taking up too much space! Need some high rise, for options for the younger generation that want to stay here. Most of us have nothing to stay for. The towns shops are becoming less and less, the whole image is deteriorating. Even the Nelson column, is situated in an industrial area, that should be part of our rich culture. The area around it should be looking a lot nicer than what it is! And bring back the trains or at least trams!

  2. I believe strongly as a 20 year old the best idea is too invest in youth clubs for 11-17 year olds around all Great Yarmouth/ invest in winter gardens and the acle straight road in making it safer for all road users.
    25 million would cover all that and more here’s other suggestions
    •Go kart track for the other teens especially
    •4G AstroTurf football pitch £2 entry all money goes back into the community
    • paid for football practice sessions for all 6-15 year olds with coaches for all age groups
    • giveaways for any child/teenager making a difference to the community
    •hire shop down the seafront to hire push bikes/ scooters/ buggies with obvious rules ID and Deposit like holiday camps to prevent crime
    • rest goes too help fund mental health/ drugs and crime prevention

  3. Employing more street cleaners to help cleanup the streets and alleys. More enforcement making landlords tidy/refurb run down properties/gardens. More police on the streets to make people feel safer, more enforcement officers/wardens to fine households that dump black bags outside houses for seagulls to attack.

  4. An arts centre would be amazing. A place where people can hire out music rooms, create art and even put on amateur plays. Money could be generated through a cafe within the centre. Youth clubs could even be hosted there and events could easily be put on.

  5. Gt Yarmouth is typical of an economically depressed seaside town with very few opportunities for employment. The transport links are archaic with no direct rail link to Lowestoft & a sporadic bus service that doesn’t run to accommodate working hours to those who may work in Norwich or further afield. The town Council does little to encourage visitors to the town with exorbitant business rates so more shops are closed than they are open, also expensive parking. The road network around the retail park is inefficient and rather than improving this money has been recently spent on minor roads ie a wider cycle path has been created in Regent St leading from the Town centre (no shops) to the quay. The town council needs to wake up & listen to the community who they are there to represent & not indiscriminately spend public money on ineffective & unnecessary projects

  6. As a former resident living in norwich but always visiting friends in family, it has always struck me that too many facilities have always been geared to tourists and not residents such as parks and gardens, year round entertainment programmes, ten pin bowling, skating, leisure facilities – gym, swimming, indoor courts. It’s great to see the remodelled waterways but the other gardens are small compared to the beautiful parks we have in Norwich aimed at families and sports teams. Is it also time the town took advantage of the different types of tourists that visit Norfolk and attract them to the culture and historic background of the town such as walkers and cyclists that are year round tourists by providing more boutique type accommodation and cafes as found in Sheringham and Cromer as well as more walking tours from around and out of the town, Angles Way, norI know 60+ people from Cambridgeshire that frequently visit the Norfolk coast and Broads as close as ranworth and Winterton but never think to visit Yarmouth. Attract them through the media and social media aimed at walkers and ramblers, cyclists, surfers etc.

  7. The winter gardens has to take some of the cash before a irreplaceable relic is lost forever. Beach events such like when ‘pop beach’ used to come and brought huge levels of industry with it.
    To reinstate a fun heated outdoor pool would be amazing for summer months.
    I would love to see the hospitality idea for the quay to come to fruition as I think it would work.

  8. Paintball park , water park , stand up comedy . Dance battles, giving up smoking centre. Better roll coasters. Beach events. Cars culture. Local tv program such sah game. Pool competition. Local Sports events . In weekend for kids math competition, important first aid , science events, music . Etc etc .

  9. A passenger ferry crossing to our overseas cousins in Holland would open up a whole wealth of financial and cultural exchange. This could be funded privately by Liverpool port for example, who own the outer harbour. Money could be spent on improving road access and moving rare frogs away from Acle strait. Tarting up the winter gardens and railway/ north quay areas a must. Opening a route to Europe would send out an important message to our neighbours and friends and the amount of boost in local tourism would confirm that.

  10. Gt Yarmouth is a fallen town go take a drive and then reply to me, Gorleston is the way forward clean happy town invest in Gorleston not gt Yarmouth

  11. Make a parkour park for all the people that like to do it so they dont get told of and have nowhere to do what they love

  12. Contribute towards the new build care home in Gorleston to help get it finished to create approx 50 jobs in the town

  13. I would love to see a Camden Locks style of multi national market style eateries, stalls selling retro, vintage and antique. Along the Quay, taking shops in Victoria Arcade and linking to town to centre. There needs to be a reason to come to the town. Bigger outlets won’t come unless there is footfall. We need fun, atmosphere, buskers etc. Also clean up the use of doorways by beggars, I don’t believe half are homeless and no-one wants filthy bedding around. Get some of the town wardens fining the litter mongers.

  14. Make it a destination, a fun place to go. So like with the ‘Out There Festival’, encourage music, buskers, performance maybe one day a month e.g. first Saturdays . Really encourage small independent ‘lanes’ type businesses, studios. Work with local colleges and tap into local talent and creativity. Work with St. Georges Theatre, Seachange, Time and Tide, Maritime Heritage, the Hippodrome. Work with the Portuguese community – have a day of ‘Fado’. Create a brand for Great Yarmouth as a place of culture and creativity. Make the journey from the train station fun and accessible on that day e.g cycle rickshaws. Subsidize transport from Norwich and surrounding areas.

    1. 100% a Portuguese festival to attract Portuguese from around the globe to visit. Love that idea. Love Portugal and would love to have a Portuguese gathering.

      Out there festival should be CIRCUS festival!!

  15. Reduce the lease on town centre shops, free 2hr parking, encourage big name shops to open in the centre of town . Give people have a reason to visit the town centre instead of the bottle neck of traffic at retail parks .

  16. £25 Million wouldn’t be enough. Get more shops, knock down the winter gardens and other building’s disused. More Council Housing, better places for younger kids to play. clean up the beach.

  17. -Set better standards outside shops and restaurants in the town. The restaurants on the sea front are plastered with cluttered signs making the area look cheap.
    -More bins and better litter collection on the sea front is a must.
    -Refurbish the winter gardens

  18. The town centre is a black hole for investment, money invested will be swallowed by loss making businesses.

    Invest in social-care, GP practices and the healthcare system!

    1. Totally agree, bring back everything the Tory austerity attacked and destroyed first.then look at making further improvement.

  19. Please can we have some decent shops back in the town centre as there is nothing decent anywhere as well as getting rid of so many banks! Please make Great Yarmouth “Great” again!

  20. Make more of the heritage of Great Yarmouth. Renovate the winter Gardens, would make a fabulous wedding venue/conference centre. Stop removing historical buildings.
    Bring Cobholm back to life, make more of the heritage of this area.

  21. I would like to see improvements on the main roads in and out of the town such as scenery improvements. At the moment you are currently having to look at eye sores as soon as you enter the town unfortunately. Also a better use of our fantastic Seafront potential could be explored.

  22. New businesses needed to bring jobs into the area, and a platform for people to carry out such roles available in the area.

    As of now, there is no real platform for the local people to carry out the jobs available with the local companies, such as that of energy companies located in Great Yarmouth. Not enough is being done in this regard.

  23. Refurbish the Market Place. Invest in the town center. Restore the unique Winter gardens and Marina centre include a Bowling alley, Cinema and Theatre for starters as these are all things we have lost

  24. Give incentives for starter business to provide local produce at an affordable price. Invest in businesses to help with on the job training for unemployed or fill council owned units with the facilities to give people employability skills, such as starter garages. Teach people about cars machinery and the skills needeed to be a mechanic or engineer.

  25. Dual the Acle straight, help prevent more deaths, this will also help boost Great Yarmouth’s economy as well as aid the lorry’s coming and going from are port!

    We also need more places for are youth to go, the amount of times I’ve headed in to Great Yarmouth only to be harassed by chavs or have the road blocked by many youths on push bikes,

  26. I personally think strongly in investing into broadlands rugby club and the other local teams to yarmouth to help support the youth of our community let’s make sport and the discipline of sport be a popular thing for our youth instead of having them hanging around McDonalds and other local areas let’s give them options to do something so they dont just hang around causing a mischief and taking up precious time for our local police force. If we improve ground and facilties even support the local sport teams they will become a popular thing to do for the youth if we dont start acting now on the matter it will only be a matter of time before yarmouth will loose its sporting reputation and we will have no sport teams that mean football, rugby, athletics , boxing basketball all of this sports are what put the great in great yarmouth let’s get that reputation back.

  27. Drop the lease cost to get more shops into the town centre.
    Knock down the winter gardens and replace it with a safe family play area.
    Redevelop the worst areas in the town.
    Build hostels for the homeless.
    Improve the jph
    More community areas/clubs to keep kids out of trouble.
    Invest in the schools.
    Retarmac Roads and not the cheap tar and gravel pressed which last 5 mins and chip paintwork off our cars.
    Improve joy land and the pleasure beach
    Jus a few ideas

    1. I agree with knock down Winter Gardens. It is unsafe and would cost a fortune to refurbish and would still be cold and draughty and only used in summer. Not commercially viable.

      1. Have parks for children and adults with SEN and mobility issues also have a changing place on the seafront because the only changing place we had there has now gone (Marina centre)

  28. Invest in giving all teenagers education in child development and sex and relationship education. If they are not learning it from home they need to learn it somewhere. We need to invest in educating children to stop the cycle of children born into negative, uneducated, abusive and neglectful relationships. The only way to make positive changes to our community is from the bottom up, through education.

  29. Stop all the crack heads from making people feel anxious about heading into Great Yarmouth at night!! Clean the place up, it looks and feels grubby and constantly stinks of weed!! Gorleston’s heading the same way….a lot needs to be done to help the locals feel safe around here!

  30. How about we actually come up with some real plans to revive the Town Centre.
    Like many seaside Towns under the Tories it’s fading away. Brandon Lewis promises so much and does nothing.
    Instead of things like revamping and repaving the train Station what about using this money cut local business rates and encourage independent traders back into the Town?
    What about some kind of Park and Ride Scheme like we have in Norwich? That’s going to reduce air pollution and bring people into the Town without the hassle of finding parking especially in the Holiday season.
    Even something simple like the Towns litter bins. Many of them are very old and in Summer especially they get very full, very quickly. What about larger bins and a system that at least say begins by sorting waste?

    1. Can’t agree more! Bins were vile last summer! It is little things like that, which make all the difference for whether a place looks worth visiting or unwelcoming.

  31. Our town centre needs investment. Get rid if the gulls. Bring shops back. Keep the roads and streets clean. Bring the winter gardens back to life. Give the life back into this town

  32. There needs to be a clearer line between the fun loving tourism hotspot and the bustling business district. The river port and the outer harbour are the only true industries left in Great Yarmouth, and with Alicat and offshore wind set to expand immensely with the finish of East Anglia ONE and then the further construction of East Anglia two, three, and four, and at the moment, heavy industrial traffic is forced to mix with commuters and the public. This results in huge tail backs and often forces the whole town into gridlock. A new road direct from Vauxhall Roundabout to the outer harbour will be just what this town needs, ready to be invested in by big businesses. The romours of the third bridge brought some hope, but there has been no news for the past year, will these plans be forgotten just like Lowestoft? The town centre is now baron in our town, and I believe that this is due to the outdated faces of businesses and high prices of parking. I completely understand that the Council see car parks as a source of income, but they have a direct link to fewer people shopping in town, especially when out of town free shopping is so easy with Gapton, Tesco, and Pasteur. If we lose the town centre there won’t be a need for the car park, and no income at all. A small charge, maybe £2 for the day, will be sufficient to draw people into town. I think the Marketplace needs redevelopment. There is no draw to the marketplace and ten chip shops competing against each other doesn’t impress anyone. Maybe development small units in their place and let some to chip stalls, then some to bigger names, maybe a smaller takeaway style McDonalds. Also, create a new pedestrian link from Regent Road to the Market Place so tourists have a direct link through the very heart of the town, instead of walking down a dingy road opposite a dark pub

  33. Invest to encourage national and independant business to come to Great Yarmouth to boost our local economy. Provide relevant shelter for the homeless and jobs for those whom have a lower skill set than specialist jobs.

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