Town Centre

Improve the spaces we already have! Open shops (clothing/electronics/classes/etc.) that target the demographic that is Bedford! Family-friendly spaces with both safety and an affordable budget! Get people to complete surveys on what online shops they use/how regularly they’re using them/why, then place those shops appropriately, Using the many empty units around town centre to create student/youth friendly hubs to use for studying/group research/life classes (learning about taxes, renting, mortgages) etc., that do a monthly quiz night with appealing/useful prizes and for entertainment (as there isn’t much activity to do for youth) – this could be creating a bowling/skating alley, arcade space, weekly indoor sport team tournaments, competitive recreational activities pool/darts/cards/chess/table tennis etc. More environmentally-friendly ways of thinking, planting more flora/fauna, make bus-stops aesthetically-pleasing by revamping them/using the top of them as flowerbeds. Think smart!

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