Town centre

Refurb town centre from parishes to Britannia corner, street furniture the lot. More pressure on private landlords who own parishes and other long empty shops to not leave them empty.

Build on land empty on Doncaster Road – what about a start-up / small business up. Maybe built from shipping containers similar to Spark in York? Modern and easy built perfect platform for small businesses to start.

Most important – MAKE SHOPPERS FEEL SAFE! Police need to reinforcements to get street drinkers, beggars and drug users off the high street. This is no.1 reason shoppers turn away to other towns or out of town retail parks. Do more to get them moved on and show with press that it’s being done and it will bring people back. Just look at comments on local community pages.

One thing that is done right is continental market – could this be expanded on? Or local producers run stalls or food trucks one weekend a month? Check out the food truck movement world wide…

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