Town centre

Maybe reduce parking charges to encourage people to pop into the town centre. Also encourage more independent shops, along with larger retailers, as there is nowhere to buy individual items. Maybe try pop up shops to see how they run.

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  1. It’s very difficult to see a way forward for the town centre as it includes so many empty buildings which if not used for imaginative retail which could be encouraged via a re rate holiday for a set period and revised after a year but otherwise landlords should be given notice that unless made use of should be taken over and made into flats for example BT and the present McDonalds site and if left too long the Westgate store but it’s a crying shame that the Hospital site was sold for a song and does not at present pay any rates which has not been developed as a multi agency NHS resource which could help as a regional rehabilitation for an ageing population particularly due to the fact of the migration of elderly people into the new housing proposed to the north and south of Lowestoft with also a convalescence and rehabilitation accomodation and support service unit particularly due to the longterm effects of Covid 19 and with an additional urgent care or minor injuries unit to serve this growing population encouraged to move into the area

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