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  1. We need more contemporary art spaces! Culture is proven to be one of the best ways to bring income into an area – take a look at Margate for example. Arts events and exhibitions bring people together from far and wide, which in turn promotes spending in the area.

  2. Speaking as a small business owner within the town I believe, Town centres need to move with change and the change of the people, with more forward thinking and focusing on out the box ideas. For example celebrating Northampton’s heritage- shoe making, space should be given to some of the many brands we have in Northamptonshire, for example an outlet shop. The old bus station site, i have heard, is purposed to be a park area, this is not needed in a town centre and as it will only become another haven for urban decay. Behaviour breeds behaviour and more modern institutes will attract more independent businesses / gentrification, which can be good for areas if controlled in the right way, for example injecting existing independent businesses with funds for renewal and expansion of the business and also repurposing existing property for small creative space and start up business, entertainment space, food and drink. (for example Peckham Levels, Pop Brixton and Bussey buildings). All of this will not just benefit businesses but local people, communities and including the youth (please see Lily Osborne’s comments 10th March 2020 7:19pm) and encourage more urban art in areas around the town. I feel that more community assets need to be made for the youth, like football courts, basketball, roller skating, ice skating (winter) etc. This sort of thinking outside of the box could spread into surrounding out posts that could benefit greatly from this positivity.

  3. What should be within high consideration is prospects put in place to prevent the young from becoming attracted to criminal and gang related activities, which could also reduce increases in knife crime and future criminal activity rates. By doing so the town could build a community or youth centre where children can attend for social and physical activities between the ages of 9-17 (to keep them off of the streets) and could also have an additional youth centre for young offenders who may be serving community service hours, are restricted by a curfew or a tag for them to attend classes which could talk about potential job prospects as well as knife crime and gang awareness teachings, which could help to rehabilitate and reform their mindset. Which in return would protect more people on the streets of Northampton from potential youth related crimes and also drive ambition into the young.

    1. I believe that the town centre should be a place that excites the young, where they feel safe and can have fun. Encouraging the very young entrepreneurs to take ownership of their ideas in the town centre. What would excite them as a place for social meeting that was safe, would allow the next generation to put a heart back in the town.

  4. Reduce the number of betting shops in the town centre. Offer incentives for businesses to use the empty shops. Improve policing in town centre as it feels threatening during the day and night.

    1. I totally agree with this. More independent, creative, new small businesses given reduced rates of rent for empty properties and to replace betting and pawn shops. This would attract different kind of people into the town.

  5. As the only historical views of Northampton is the Guildhall or All Saints Church i would like to see the Market Cross rebuilt on the market square and then used as an attraction for the Town .

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