Town Centre

The town centre is totally run down and could do with a radical rethink, areas like the crossing are a welcome addition but the amount of empty shops, kebab and gambling shops makes the centre a laughing stock. I would recommend looking at towns like Preston who instigated a brilliant plan to keep profits local. From a locals point of view the centre seems very spread out and would benefit from some consolidation around a central point perhaps the brunel. In terms of businesses smaller local shops would be much more welcome rather than a new fast food takeaway. ‘Experiance’ retailers are thriving in other towns such as escape rooms, trampolining, ping pong, gaming centres etc… Other areas that are currently run down in the centre (e.g. bridge street, fleet street) should be allocated to business and or converted to flats. Other ideas that are thriving in other areas are food halls where short term leases are given to local food retailers. Anything you do will be an improvement!

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