Town Centre

Make the town more inviting to small businesses, lower the extortionate rates that have left so many shops and entire buildings abandoned. Invest in real security and rubbish teams for the town centre as well as the surrounding area. More youth focused institutions (not just activities) to keep them off the streets and learning new skills. Walsall Youth Arts made an enormous difference and contribution to the kids, now adults of Walsall. It should be brought back with immediate effect and funding to keep it alive for the next generations. Car parking is not the only thing our town needs. We have enough Poundlands, McDonalds and Betting shops. It is time to rise the quality of life, visits and pride in Walsall not just the accessibility. We also have a canal we do absolutely nothing with and have left to rot through Pleck and Darlaston. Less money needs to be spent on beautification and more on hygiene, safety and putting the local do-nothings to work in our community.

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