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It would be nice to see the town centre modernised with the pedestrianised part of Boothferry road redeveloped and changed to a series of shops, similar to the ones in Wesley Square. This could attract high street shops and independent businesses, in place of the larger shops that currently have no tenants. Also the road layout of the town centre should be changed to incorporate a better traffic infrastructure that actually works, such as Boothferry road, Pasture road and Edinburgh street (From the railway station to Asda.) being converted to a one way system for entering the town.

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29 comments on “Town centre

  1. As someone in their very early 20’s, I would like to say that spending money on more skate parks and football pitches would be a waste of money. We have plenty of them and there are usually not many people using them. Young teens won’t stay off the streets because it’s in their nature to rebel and not use them because you want them to. I think that the money should be spent to tidy Goole up a bit and welcome new shops to the town centre, inviting new visitors to stay and look around. More shops, more jobs. Jobs seem to be difficult to get nowadays. The leisure centre should be updated and there should be a centre for families and teens to have fun with bowling, a little arcade or something.

  2. Goole needs to smarten up, there are some beautiful buildings that need a bit of TLC, the town doesn’t look inviting at all it looks so tired and I agree with other comments that the pedestrianised part needs to be opened up again.
    Efforts need to be made to attract some major high street stores, I would love to see an M&S Foodhall, that would encourage people to shop in Goole and support the smaller businesses, smarter shop fronts would help to make the town look more inviting, and lower rents and rates could help attract new businesses.

    1. Maybe not an m&s as it is very expensive which means rents will go up if more expensive things arrive. I was born and raised in harrogate and now no one ever shops in store there, because it’s too expensive. I do think maybe some thing for all ages to do round town would be fab! Maybe even a up to date on paint jobs like colourful benches and the older buildings used for little cafes or something 🙂 I’d love to see something more community based. Maybe even a primark! For those who dont drive so cant get round I know I’d love a primark xx cheaper clothing 🙂

  3. Young people have nowhere to go on weekends or families with kids. Place with entertainment like bowling, cinema, 4G part plastic football pitch, something that will interest people to come first before building shopping centre you can’t afford to go to.

  4. My personal suggestion would be to start by encouraging more footfall to the area with more shops, market and other interesting or higher branded shops in the town centre. At the moment there is no reason to shop in Goole town centre, you are charged for parking to visit the minority of shops we have. People would rather travel out of Goole to someone that is free parking and a wider variety of shops to visit. It needs to be made a day out shopping trip, not a 15 min pop to 1 shop trip.
    We lack on activity centres and outdoor areas too.
    Lower the rates, etc what people pay to rent out these retail units, wouldn’t it make sense to have full shops paying no rent and rates rather than empty shops paying no rent and rates?
    Goole should be thriving with the population!

  5. Invest in the waterways, docklands, doing boat trips and things families, couples, elderly can all enjoy.
    Goole has a lot of history, let’s show it off!
    We have local artists from the town, an art gallery could be good
    Lower the business rates so more local folk Can actually sell their products via a local shop.
    Invest in the market, pop up for stalls and the likes.
    Local amenities for the young such as ice skating, bowling etc similar to the likes of superbowl/sumit in Selby.

    Look around Beverley is thriving, Bridlington is thriving… Goole is a ghost town!

  6. Do something about the railway station it drive people crazed with all the trains coming in and puts Goole to a standstill

  7. The early teenagers are left with no social activities in Goole and with the worries as parents do NOT want our children having to travel out of Goole on buses, trains etc. Need cinemas, trampoline parks, Leisure Centre pool although great needs updating. 4G pitch as Goole footballers have to travel to use one! Much needed Skate Park in West Park only local park without one and it’s the main one in Goole! Bowling, Selby has a great hang out but again have to travel. Selby Leisure Centre add on is fab! Wall climbing etc creates more to do, keeps kids of the streets, no travelling for them or families so everyone stays and spends money locally and most of allcreates jobs.

  8. Have a weekly farmer’s market, French style with fresh produce not sold in plastic. Promote local produce and a variety of it. I can’t stand the boring same old same old fruit and veg you get in super markets anymore.
    Open a zero waste supermarket with a great variety of grains, cereal, flours etc.

  9. I think it’s should go towards 4G pitch and some kind of sport facilities, kids are out on the streets as they have nothing to do, leisure centre is overpriced Nothing to encourage kids to get healthy , make sports more accessible for the kids!

  10. Goole is desperate for a. 4G pitch this could be quite easily done at the west Park Airmyn Road, this will make football so much easier for lots of young people, they have one at Howden…… So why not in Goole.
    The young people of this town are it’s growth, We must look after them in their early teenage years, as football/ netball/Rugby are what is played by young people , let’s get them off the streets , give them
    somewhere safe & welcoming

  11. I think Goole as done well for its self. But I do think a dressing the future issue of the future I do think Goole needs more investment in flood defences and infrastructure. Defences to protect the economy there. Infrastructure to help Goole more visitors and more economy as public transport around the areas is at best okay. Mainly buses. I also think to that jobs need to be wider selection of high paying jobs as well as other types of jobs to. I’m not sure what to suggest to this but I do think it would help the people there are with the Job market

    1. 100% back you up here! Would be nice to see it open, let shops have little stalls in there too aswell as others like at a car boot charge for a stall sort of thing! I’ve loved here a year and not once seen it open:( was excited but nothing as of yet

  12. There needs to be more parking to actually bring people into the town firstly. The street behind home bargins could be an awesome bar/restaurant street, like the ones you see in big cities. The market can be used on weekends as a food hall where independents sell their products and have atreet food stands. This could change regularly with different themes. There are so many high street shops that could be taken up, offer companies very low rates to move in. None of this will be successful without more parking as people in the surrounding villages won’t necessarily get public transport in. Finally, a better rail network to Leeds and Xcape

  13. A sustainable project for encouraging young people to get involved positively in the community – a youth club at West Park for example or within Junction that is safe, given support from parents & community groups. Many ideas but it needs people to step in actually help these things happen. Pedestrianisation needs a rethink. Shops need to be competitive and varied, too easy to shop online or go elsewhere.

  14. i agree but there needs to be somewhere teens are welcome because right now teenagers are barely even allowed to stand in the town centre without being judged and goole is such a boring place to be around

    1. I’m not a teen but even I feel unwelcome round town. Maybe some form of under 21 pub so no alcohol but like pool tables and maybe even a bowling alley and stuff x that would be cool! Loads of arcade games and stuff there, it would encourage younger ones to want to work too if they could get employed there and stuff xx

  15. What about modernising the town with an open air shopping complex with high street brand shops, restaurants and cinema. This would attract people from the local towns and villages as they would not have to travel as far afield as York or Doncaster for the same services.

  16. 4G pitches for kids so sports can continue year round

    Also a set of rugby sticks in local parks as currently only football goals available!

  17. There are a lot of privately owned buildings in Goole that are empty or falling into disrepair. Some of these buildings are of local or architectural significance and would benefit the area hugely if they were restored or put to good use.
    It would be nice to see incentives to help bring these buildings to some sort of use, or persuade private owners to sell buildings that remain empty or unused for a long time.

    When buildings are looked after and well maintained it improves the area hugely.

  18. Lowering rental prices and renovating empty buildings that been abandoned for dacades and building more offices and leisure building such as a cinema and shopping centre

  19. Put road back down Boothferry road to help the shop’s and a 4G football pitch in west park for the kids

  20. I think a roof over the current precinct area ie. pedestrianised area of Boothferry Road would create an all year round shopping experience also encouraging restaurants etc that could benefit from outdoor seating .

  21. The biggest issue there is no footfall into town so no business are going to survive should they open, the biggest cause is the level crossing in my opinion. Nobody wants to be waiting 10/15 mins to get to their local town centre should they drive. The congestion is awful.

  22. The biggest issue there is no footfall into town so no business are going to survive should they open, the biggest cause is the level crossing in my opinion. Nobody wants to be waiting 10/15 mins to get to their local town centre should they drive. The congestion is awful.

  23. Gooles Closed Indoor Market needs to be utilised, making more use of the pedestrianisation by holding events, encouraging businesses to open up in Goole filling the empty shops. Most people go out of town for entertainment such as bowling, ice-rink, nightclub, more variety of restaurants not just takeaways.
    Investment back into utilising the waterway museum buildings.

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