Town Centre

I feel that the heart of Bolton has been ripped out, it is now a collection of boarded up businesses and budget shops. After recently visiting some of our out lying towns it really brings it home how run down Bolton has become. I would like to see far more independent businesses not just the generic shops/stores you find in every other area. Most people don’t stop to look up at some of the grand architecture that has not yet been spoiled but just see the dull, boring facade of many buildings. I can’t understand how old buildings such as Sweetens book shop, Prestons, Whitakers and British Home Stores are just being left to rot and sites such as the Odean Cinema and Moor Lane bus station just seem to have become derelict. I would like to see this investment money be used to regenerate our neglected town and make it once again an interesting and exciting place to visit. I would also like to see investment in more opportunities for all people of all ages in our town

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