Town centre

No more tarting it up, can the council give incentives to small businesses to encourage them into the town Centre. Maybe even buy up the empty shops and offer permanently low rents to tenants to help the town thrive again, and offer free town centre parking. Tempt maybe some of the small breweries that are flooding the Lake District. Why not an open air swimming baths again on Walney, now we have the hub over there it’s certainly worth investing in some leisure facilities for the kids. Pay security people like the park keepers of years ago to make it and the park feel safe again. Improve tourist notices for our Fabulous Abbey and hold more events in the wonderful Amphitheater there, with bigger free parking facilities on the outskirts of it and better walk ways/ cycle lanes to access it. Generally better cycle lanes that are not on the roads but separate so Children and adults can enjoy riding bikes again and feel safe doing it. And Don’t give the jobs to rip off firms.

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