Town Centre. Dudley port revamp no stairs. Cleanliness. More dog bins and bins. Open spaces. Child development. Safe fun things for under 4s where parents can relax and kids cant run off. Dog bins parkland from wasteland.

The high street needs to be knocked down or revamped so can open up the back streets of Dudley. More open spaces. Land by me being wasted and used as a dog toilet on churchfield street and no dog bins or any bins. More on dealing with dumping such as cameras on council land and council carparks such as the one on Vicar street and a bin. More for young kids babies and up to 4 in the Town Centre. Something needs to be done about Dudley Port which has a flight of stairs to the station and no ramp for people with pushchairs and wheelchairs. Have contacted WM travel in the past but they pass the buck. Dudley Port station which needs updating. Direct line to Birmingham from Dudley Town Centre not a metro to Dudley Port to get to Brum esp when there is a flight of stairs at the station.

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