Town centre improvements

Truro has no affordable big chain hotel/lodge in the centre. Would also benefit from a largely undercover shopping area given its one of the wettest citys in England.. This would give the town centre a new lease of life.

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2 comments on “Town centre improvements

  1. Some covered market areas on Lemon Quay would be useful( as the famous market in Norwich). Christmas markets are popular and there seems no reason that some individual booths should not be available all year round.

  2. This is a terrible suggestion – Cornwall has built a reputation as a place to get away from ‘chain’ hotels, restaurants and shops and adding more is ruining it’s appeal FAST.. We should be looking at encouraging more independently run businesses – Truro used to be full of them but they have almost all been pushed out leaving a mostly dead high street with little character left to attract any shoppers and spenders.

    Cornwall Services is a great example of another souless development that keeps NO money in the county

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