Town centre regeneration

Pump the money straight into regenerating Mansfield town centre. Bring the market back, use part of the money to subsidise business rates to attract independent retailers back into the town centre. At the moment there’s no life in the town it’s just betting shops, takeaways and your high street retailers it’s depressing walking through the town. Use the money to give the four seasons centre a face lift also, much of the town centre needs an urgent revamp. Mansfield should look at Altrincham and see how they’ve turned the town around through regeneration and funding, it’s amazing what they’ve done. Pop up shops, delis, cafes, bars all independent as well, Mansfield council should take a leaf out of their book. There’s so much emphasis on building out of town retail parks that nobody bothers to come into town anymore, they’d rather go to the retail parks or travel to chesterfield, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Sheffield. Invest in the town the centre and you’ll bring them back!!!

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