Town Centre units

I would like to see better use of the empty units on the first and second floors of the shops in the town centre. It feels like these shops aren’t making the best use of their space

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21 comments on “Town Centre units

  1. Should have more place to car park and low pay from 50p up. More people will go for shopping.More restaurants and pub.More whole sale supermarket.

  2. Yes, I agree that we need to do something with the empty shops. Also the city centre is so old and worn out, it needs some polishing which will then attract people and hopefully solve the empty shop problem. Personally, I’d like to see some faster, cheaper and healthier food options to be available like sushi, gyros, souvlaki, falafel…

  3. We need more restaurants and cafes in the town centre. I would like to see a few more top brand shops. Body shop. M&s maybe ?

  4. Make vacant shops available for short term lease / rent to encourage more small shops and restaurants to set up and give it a go before committing to longer agreements.

    Better access for pedestrians to areas in Stevenage that seem built only for car owners in mind. Eg range and knebworth park.

    Pedal boats at fairlands valley. Create an outdoor swimming pool.

    More colourful shopfronts / canopies to brighten and give European feel.

  5. I think the shop fronts in the town centre need to be upgraded. We need to bring in better tenants and reduce the number of homeless people around the town.

  6. Pull down the town centre and turn into a residential area. There are too many empty shops and the area looks tired.

    Encourage more business in Old Stevenage, loosing Waitrose will have lowered house prices. The Old Town needs to be protected and lifted back to being a place of beauty

  7. Stevenage Town Centre is itself a victim of 1960s planning. The concept of ‘listing’ areas has prevented some new developments and the Council’s attitude to business ideas has meant many businesses – some large – deserting the town either for other towns or for retail parks around the town resulting in a downward spiral of footfall.

    What the town needs is a reason to exist, a reason for people to come. More pople equals more money spent equals more vibrancy etc. What the town doesnt need are more chain coffee shops.

    Towns that have been successful have become known for food events, craft events etc etc. Stevenage needs to find such a niche and promote it hard. A vibrant outdoor market bringing in local producers could be a way.

    Reducing carparking charges to levels equal to other towns will help – I know that’s not very PC in the climate change community but the reality with public transport cuts and costs is that people will continue to use cars.

  8. My comment at a tangent to the original subject:-

    Yes, make better use of empty properties. The old Social Services Building in Southgate has been empty for about 3 years, maybe more. It would make a good place as a shelter for the homeless.

  9. I believe that when we do the comete works for stevenage town center which Labour councilor Sharon Taylor has been pushing for over and over against resistance from the towns re ellected Tory MP steven mcpartland, we will see the whole two. Transform and wealth and vibrancy will return. Check out a Westfield shopping area for transformation in an area

    1. They believe it or not are a protected building I believe. Stupid as they are horrible and right in a sweet spot for something awesome to be a focal point.

    2. Stevenage public toilets area is really unpleasant. I try to avoid it every time when in the town centre. I would love to see something different there.

    3. What about a stage/bandstand for local bands/choirs etc. Also how about an arts theatre with attracting more cultured acts than the Gordon Craig theatre attracts. Much smaller towns have better cultural events than Stevenage offers.

    4. What about people with Ibd they need to keep public toilets people don’t think about people with Ibd and bowel and bladder problems

  10. We have too many empty shops now in stevenage therefore we should invest in them and encourage more businesses to trade in stevenage.

    1. Agree completely. The town needs to encourage more local businesses as well as entice those back who left. Perhaps more free parking incentives at weekends to get locals and surrounding area residents to shop in town?

  11. The empty shops make the town centre look dismal, unfriendly, and is impacting the existing shops to their detriment, not a place to go browsing. Only go if one is after a particular shop, not a pleasant place to visit and would not go for pleasure any more.
    Not in keeping with the friendly town I grew up in, shame, shame,shame.

  12. Lots of new or refurbished buildings lay empty in the new town centre which is a travesty. The town centre is dying with minimal choice for shopping, unless I want pound shop/’bargain’ items/vaping goods or charity items. We do not need brand new shiny offices for councillors, we’d do better encouraging proper shops to move in, restaurants or other night based economy businesses like pubs or clubs. The old town high Street seems to do well crystallising businesses together, what’s wrong with new town? Perhaps business rent/rates are too high?

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