Town Planning Improvements for bikes and pedestrians

The current town planning alongside the expense of public transport means a lot of people travel into the city by car.
Making the bike lanes more practical They often simply stop or don’t allow enough time for cyclists to get into position safely even as a confident cyclist. Also providing safer biking surgeries by putting bike training and support on the street at key times would be really helpful as an initial campaign. London has run successful schemes where they have helped fix bikes, handed out lights, hi vis vests and got cyclists to sit in cabs of lorries so they can ‘see’ why drovers see. Alongside this some training for car drivers too with signage to ‘look out for cyclists’
For pedestrians they are simply not considered in any of the key road crossings. Pedestrians take unnecessary risks because it can take up to 5 minutes to cross a road at certain points in the day.
Re-routing the bus drop offs in town. Reduce congestion, pollution and be healthier

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