Town to look appealing

Anyone that has visited Clay Cross knows it’s a bit dreary, the town in my opinion needs brightening up. I suggest a green area being created with trees and plants, somewhere people can sit and enjoy the area. Another issue I have with the town centre is that many of the buildings aren’t maintained and do not look presentable, there is no point spending millions on the area if this is not to be looked at. In the Peak District for example shops have to follow strict rules and regulations when it comes to shop frontage and signs, their appearance
has a direct impact on the character of the area.

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1 comment on “Town to look appealing

  1. Absolutely right!

    There are some fine old buildings in Clay Cross and they should be restored to their former glory.

    It’s a town with a proud history and these are part of it.

    The old advertisement for Kennings by Aldi is another example. An important reminder of the town’s past. It’s sadly deteriorating and should be restored now.

    And completely agree on need to improve shop frontages and signage. Doing so can make a huge improvement to the look of a town. And that can make it more attractive to local people and visitors and therefore bring in money.

    If it’s good enough for Bakewell, it’s good enough for Clay Cross!

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