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Safe Motorhome Stopping Places

I agree with all the comments about motorhomes visiting Whitby. You as a town are missing out on a large amount of revenue. We motorhomes travel all year round (when we are allowed). Most towns forget that we are self contained and most of the time only need somewhere to park and sleep overnight. Most […]

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Safe overnight stops for motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Motorhome Aires/Parking

Overnight stops for fully self-contained motorhomes/campervans. This would be for overnight parking (not camping) allowing sleeping in the vehicle. There are over 250,000 motorhomes registered in this country. Having somewhere to park that is accessible for the city centre will increase tourism and boost sales in city centre shops/pubs/restaurants etc. This has worked well in […]


Bulldoze the market

Bulldoze the market and get rid of one of the aisles in the precinct. Partner with Tranmere Rovers to build a new ground there. Loads of footfall from crowds rejuvenating the centre, making it a bit different. Stop competing with Liverpool as a shopping centre, Marks and Spencer not coming back.

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revamp the market

make the market a better place where young people will want to hang out or even get jobs in stalls. As a teen my mum often tells me stories of the market in the 80s and it sounded great. So a modern market would be brilliant while still keeping the old market charm.

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D beach

Spend 25 million on the town centre as it will attract more people and also the night life of the town centre needs improvin

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Bentinck street

The cut off in the middle of bentinck street is a crime magnet. Kids on stolen scooters head straight for it knowing the police cars can’t follow them anywhere. Bulldoze it and use the surrounding land to build affordable housing.

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Market revamp

Put more money into the revamping of Birkenhead Town and market to support local businesses. Add more shops, renew current buildings that need updating and make the pyramids more modern and appealing.

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Central Hotel

Central Hotel building purchased and handed over to an approved Wirral charity with a good track record in the are of creating safe home/place of shelter. The building reconfigured to offer shelter for the homeless of Wirral and emergency family shelter.

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I suggest the town centre is fully redeveloped generating more jobs, also slash the price of council tax for the new store owners how can they any profit when they are getting sqeezed so heavily ( it’s no wonder they are all shutting). Why can’t we make use of our waterfronts, look at the likes […]

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Sports Hub

Please could some money be invested in creating a sports hub like the one at Jericho Lane, there aren’t enough 4g pitches on the Wirral at the moment by far. Exercise is crucial to children’s and adults mental and physical well being and there aren’t enough facilities at the moment. So much more could be […]

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Special needs

I believe that Wirral play council is a great special needs playgroup with a huge reach it’s affected thousands of people since its start and I believe it would hugely benefit from even the littlest of funding.

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Why not have bars, restaurants, bowling alleys & cinemas etc under one roof in a complex. Maybe mixed with shops

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Affordable housing and decent shops

In and around Birkenhead you can not get decent affordable housing. Older houses are available quite cheap however the area these houses are in are very run down or the houses are in bad condition. New houses are built but the private rent on a decent 3 bed house is between £800-£900. The people of […]

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Nicer town centre to encourage people to visit and use facilities to fill the gap after leaving Woodside and Hamilton square then into a down side area .

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Invest in Arts & Culture

With the emergence of local art spaces (for example, Make, Bloom Building, Convenience Gallery, Future Yard) it would be great to see these invested in. Creating a further cultural identity for Birkenhead. To allow for new spaces to open up here too and develop a diverse range of engaging spaces for Birkenhead. Alongside maintaining and […]

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Offices and Residential

To coinside with Wirral Waters and the Wirral Growth Company money to be put towards new businesses and residential. The area needs to build up there should be a minimum height of 4 floors throughout central Birkenhead to ensure enough people live nearby and help boost the local economy.

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Here’s a few things:

Renovation of run down buildings. More free community activities. More money for drug rehabilitation & homeless centres. Stop police persecuting drug addicts. More council houses. More apprenticeships. More support for those on Universal Credit & Disability benefits. Stop extortionate council fines such as littering – replace with community payback orders. More GP surgeries & social […]

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Investing into Art and Design

As a student of Art and Design, it has always been so disappointing when I’m told that there isnt funding for the Art Department, only to see new sports facilities and equipment pop up almost constantly. Schools focus so much on sports, and it’s mainly because they receive funding for it. The Art and Design […]

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Homes for all

Refurbishing empty property or shops, creating apartments/flats to provide accommodation. Support & engage with residents to enable them to cope & possibly find employment or work in the voluntary sector.

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Cuts to services for the disabled

I am happy for investments to be made regarding Birkenhead town centre, however, this is obviously to the detriment of services for residents with learning disabilities, as I have just learned that these services are to be cut…..the vulnerable are always at the bottom of the heap where funding is concerned. Obviously those with influence […]

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Basic stuff

Birkenhead is beautiful and has amazing views/connection to Liverpool. Make more of this. Connect up to shoreline/prom. Free parking and decent investment in town centre. More schemes to help people into meaningful work. Nice mini parks on unused land. Open up vacant shops to pop-ups and incentives for local start-ups.

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To build a new hospital. To cut down on the waiting time for A&E and also cut down on the waiting time for the beds

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Town centre

Invest in the appearance of the town such as flowers and decorative lighting for seasonal events like Hoylake and Heswall do. Offer free parking in the town centre and a better range of modern shops (eg. high street fashion retailers); at the moment people would rather get the train to Liverpool than pay to park […]

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Unique market for custom goods

Small unique stalls as platform for new businesses in custom goods & vintage market & area like Baltic market I’m Liverpool street food & entertainment. Also one stop shop wedding special occasions market. All these will bring customers wide n far. Put birkenhead back on map for shopping entertainment. Invest in repairing utilising tunnels under […]

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