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Safe Motorhome Stopping Places

I agree with all the comments about motorhomes visiting Bishop Auckland. You as a town are missing out on a large amount of revenue. We motorhomers travel all year round (when we are allowed). Most towns forget that we are self contained and most of the time only need somewhere to park and sleep overnight. […]

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Safe overnight stops motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Motorhome Aires in Bishop Auckland

We need Aires here in Britain. (Hemsley,Galloway forest have one) Aires are safe places to leave the van,these vehicles are expensive,costing 25k-80k+ owners would be lost if they were stolen.Safely parked they can happily spend a day and evening exploring and enjoying the local cuisine,culture, architectural,landmarks, before moving. Aires abroad are available all year around. […]


Town centre developed more for leisure

Empty unused building in the town maybe turn them more into leisure use mainly aimed at families ie Bowling alley/ cinema/childrens play area/indoor outdoor stage area & maybe even exercise( outdoor all weather) equipment & maybe secure cycle parking to allow folk to cycle in on any of the fabulous routes we have & safely […]

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Pop-up retail facilities/free parking

HIGH STREET COMEBACK DAYS To rejuvenate the many now Ghost Towns can pop-up retail facilities be made available, launched by event days, starting next Spring. Pop-up retail facilities to be made available for these events free of charge via closed units or market stalls., or even retailers’ own suggestions . Free Parking in the town […]

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Get rid of Town team

The Labour party dominates the decision making process, they do not consult with any local business people as to what their ideas are and are obstructive to any outsider not in the clique. No funding should be forthcoming until the townsfolk & businesess are properly represented and that should not just be the Auckland Trust […]

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A childrens play park somewhere in the town centre ,but with something other than a slide and a swing ….look to australia for ideas their playparks are amazing and it would bring people to the centre to use the facilities. Also toilets are a necessity.

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Free parking

People shop in outlets and especially in tindale shopping centre due to ease and free parking. I have a shop in the town centre with parking outside but the traffic wardens are rife for catching people and ticketing people if they are slightly over the line. It seems if we want to drive customers into […]

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Vibrant Bishop Auckland

Opening up Newgate Street for short stay free parking for all. Bring in MacDonalds/Burger King/KFC into the town for easy access for families. Move bus station to Market Place to make a central hub. Use this land for leisure facilities with better transport links in market place. Families want somewhere to take the children when […]

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Invest in small businesses that would be willing to work with colleges and 6th forms to provide valuable experience for young adults in their preferred field. This will allow these businesses to have: security from the investment; credibility by working with colleges and 6th forms; whilst also providing the town with reputable businesses that the […]

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Town centre

The town centre is old and dated work alongside retailers both independent and chains alike to develop a plan that will make the high street and newgate centre a place for both leisure and retail, offer reduced business rates and look at local bus services to and from the town

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West auckland ,St Helens put more bins on the Streets to people walking on pedestfians sides dont troughts on the ground

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it’s fair to say bishop Auckland needs a lot of improvements! The town shops a terrible filled with kebab shops and hairdressers, you need to make it more lively put some proper shops in but not expensive ones. Primark! HMV! H&M Etc etc. Another thing would be some sporting facilities! Where people can rent out […]

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Traffic management

Remove roundabout at tindale retail park and replace with traffic lights and join lidle entrance with retail park. Or have the retail park and Lidle use the same entrance as tescos, or have mcdonalds junction one way ,( in via mcdonlads and out via screwfix ) Better road and lane markings at the Sainsburys roundabout. […]

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High street

The High street in town centre is becoming a ghost town as all shops are empty making the place look abandoned by using the money to help encourage business to open up in town keeping the rents and rates at a realistic price would create jobs encourage more people to shop in the town centre […]

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Acro gymnastics club

My daughter currently trains at Astrid academy, it’s a acrobatic gymnastics club. They currently train in a school hall which is too small and doesn’t really have facilities to cater for gymnastics. A suitable venue in bishop would be fantastic and mean so much to the children who love to train at Astrid academy.

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Save the children

Invest in a youth club or some teen activities to keep them out of trouble. Help kids that need extra support. This will help improve the future for children, reduce crime and effort from the council and police. Thus saving money in the long term.

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High street

Help get the prices on shops lowered in the high street so it actually has decent enough shops, the ones down at the moment are terrible, that’s why it is so quiet down there all the time

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Tindale access direct from Coundon

The 18 bus service was removed last year causing disruption to a small mining village stopping access to the old,disabled and non driving families. Please may we have a service that allows transport directly to the now out of town shopping facilities which when moved contributed to the down fall of the town center.

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Hospital and family activity

Bring back the maternity ward and a and e in bishop hospital also bishop leisure centre doesn’t offer a lot for families it would be nice to have a centre where we can take kids and do different activities such as climbing, sports etc or even a cinema and stuff that was planned years ago

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Renovate Bishop Auckland town, shops, local businesses and restaurants

Instead of focusing attention on new buildings in Tindale, focus on renovating the already existing buildings and shops in Bishop Auckland town Centre. Money is being spent on sustaining large businesses (primarily from oversea’s) rather than sustaining a working, locally focussed town, including rejuvenating the Saturday markets. Turning the local pubs around to be clean, […]

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Leisure park

Ensure that the talk of a leisure park in Tindale finally goes ahead. For years there has been talk of a cinema opening in Tindale which has never happened. Thus would create jobs for the area. Whilst also making it easier for people in the surrounding areas to go to see movies. Also by having […]


Smarten up the streets

Make the frontages along Newgate Street presentable and turn empty shops into accommodation or flats, have community areas of planting and hanging baskets, sort out the benches to make it look appealing and clean the footpaths to make it look like it is cared for. Make the shops into spaces that can be used.


Improve Rural broadband (sustainable)

For nearly two decades now I have been assisting people and businesses with internet access across Teesdale and there have been several projects to implement broadband to hard to reach areas but they are nearly always unsustainable. There are many outlying areas that still dont have decent broadband or any broadband but any delivery of […]