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Salvaging a habitable planet

Navitus please, storage & clean infrastructure everywhere- solar,wind, tidal- as befits our climate emergency. DECARBONISATION at speed & scale. ALL HANDS ON DECK: lack of time in which to act before triggering permafrost carbon bombing,climate collapse & extinction. Public Education programme re the 11,000 scientists from 153 countries 5.11.19 warning of “untold suffering due to […]

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Climate Emergency

I would like to suggest that the money is significantly spent on alternatives to fossil fuel, including wind and solar energy. I would like to suggest that with any money left afterwards – a large proportion of grown trees are planted.

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Investment into alternatives to fossil fuels Money for the housing emergency here and supporting the homeless/those at risk Support for those with addiction/mental health issues Policing – we have so much crime here

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Public transport

I suggest the council takes back control of the bus networks, lowers fares, and gives real incentives to local people to leave their cars at home. The climate emergency won’t wait. I also suggest we ban the return of Conor Burns’ mates’ oil rig and get our offshore wind farm installed as soon as possible.

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Transition Bournemouth

Invest the money into Transition Bournemouth and all of its schemes. Likewise community projects that manage our Commons e.g. allotments, guerilla gardening etc. Anything that increases community/ commons capability/ capacity that regenerates the town and increases resilience against future disasters. Invest in upskilling the community through repair cafes and free short courses in basic skills […]

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A greener and kinder future

I’d like to suggest that the money is spent on finding alternatives to fossil fuels – maybe looking again at wind turbines or other renewable energy sources. I think mass grown tree planting in the conurbation would also be an excellent use of the money and would go someway to offsetting the towns carbon footprint. […]

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Bournemouth needs a much better infrastructure. Proper cycle lanes that all link up together, free public transport on a network of electric buses. Green spaces need to be turned into allotments to grow local food. Wildflowers planted over every road verge, trees planted wherever possible. More earth charter schools with more funding going towards educating […]

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Repair the damage

With the climate emergency all around us, I would like Bournemouth to showcase the changes that should be made for a sustainable future. A cheap, efficient public transport systems that negates the need for cars. Sustainable energy sources to be rolled out as soon as possible. Education, education, education – so that people understand why […]

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Greener Bournemouth

Alternatives to fossil fuel transport (electric buses, bh1 closures to fossil fuel cars on the weekends to encourage use of electric buses/cy ling/walking) and planting of trees. Invest in local food growing projects.

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