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social centre

i place where kids from all ages can go play games create things draw etc… have open days so they dont feel scared to talk instead of just walking the streets in the day and evening, that they feel included rather than bullied and most importantly they have fun while learning . i go to […]

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Clay Cross town centre facelift.

I would like to see the centre of Clay Cross, ie the shopping area of Market Street, given a facelift. I don’t mean the buildings so much, although a lick of paint would help in some cases, but moreso, the large pavements around the junction with Bridge St could be greatly improved with very little […]

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Adult education

Investing in an Adult education hub in the centre of the town providing daytime courses of a wide variety to support unemployed adults wishing to gain employment, to support mothers who may have gaps in their employment history due to having children, to support adults who may have been made redundant in need of retraining. […]

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Bringing people into Clay Cross

Nowadays, providing what you can’t buy on the likes of Amazon, service industries such as a takeaway, a haircut, a tattoo etc are the ones that survive. But we have enough of those already. What we don’t have is anything to draw outsiders in, or barely anything for children. This led to my idea which […]

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Train station

A train station for Clay Cross for better and easier links with the rest of the country, also to reduce traffic around the area. It would massively help bring Clay Cross into the 21st century and bring investment into the region.

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Improvements to the town.

Face lift on dated, tired looking market st and high st. Invest and encourage independent small businesses. Build community facilities to support the growth of housing being built. Have a centralised shopping area with affordable units for small businesses. Current structure is scattered, add- hoc and fragmented.Have a range of shops, not just big companies. […]

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