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Make motorhomes welcome

Make motorhome visitors welcome by providing designated overnight parking for them. All our twin towns do: Avignon, Wetzlar and Immola. Many motorhomers are retired and travel all year, they have the grey pound in their pocket which they can spend in our pubs, restaurants shops and attractions. They need to be within easy walking distance […]

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Motorhome parking needed

There is a boom in motorhome and campervans sales since Lockdown ended in June. These ‘Isolation Pods’ are seen as safe travel vehicles for families and vulnerable old folk, who have taken to touring for retirement for adventure. Now 360k on the roads, and motorhome tourism is booming and campsites can’t cope alone. They will […]


Public Transport Infrastructure

Having moved to Colchester in the last year, the public transport is shocking. Because of that, a three mike commute can take over 30 minutes in a car, as the roads are jam packed with solid traffic with one person to a car, because public transport is so terrible, infrequent, unreliable and inconvenient. In addition […]

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From nothing to something .

I am not one of these people but there are many my age that have no qualifications or GCSE’s and need work I also see that the roads that we pay tax for are riddled with pot holes , why can’t there be a free apprenticeship based trade offered by the government teaching young men […]

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Avenue of Remembrance

The road is largely single carriageway and the traffic problems are ever growing, but the road looks wide enough for three lanes; I saw this in Cardiff where there are regular gantries above the road with changeable green arrows and red X’s above the three lanes, which dictate what lanes can be driven in. These […]

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Make Colchester eco-friendly

Work on ways to make Colchester a champion of sustainability in this key transformation period for the planet. Improve on rubbish collection, promote recycling schemes and inform the public on where their recycling is going. Incentivise public transport use and promote recent improvements to them. Make public transport information easier to access – bus timetables […]

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Road improvement

Quality of roads to be upgraded. My partner went in a massive pot hole and busted two tyres. Claim was put in to the appropriate people and it was declined as the road was apparently “safe” even though they came to repair it afterwards. Why would a road be repaired if it was “safe”

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Environmental changes

Money invested in helping schools and small businesses go paperless. One idea for this is investing in smart tablets so teachers can track progression and lesson plan at home. Turning to online computer based exams, and limiting printed resources.

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Programs for young people

Young people in Colchester are surrounded by unwanted influences from all sides. The media has stripped away the need to meet face to face and as a result young people do not see their place in the town and have no reason to be part of it. Heaven knows there are areas of Colchester not […]

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An indoor skatepark as there is only one in Essex and the next nearest is Corby! Colchester has a strong skate scene with nowhere to ride all year round in our typically wet climate.

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Firstly traffic is horrendous. Potholes take weeks/months to be filled. Several roads flood aswell. Roads should be a priority. As a new complex will only add further strain and stress to current poor traffic situation. Once they are done, the old cinema and jumbo need to converted (pref not housing or restruants ) which will […]

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Faster and more accessible broadband

There is no decent speed broadband in a lot of areas in Colchester and I live in an area where only the slowest option is available from any available provider. Having 12 mbps in any kind of household is unacceptable, especially nowadays when fiber is so widespread in other countries, providing speeds of up to […]

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Youth Clubs

Provide youth clubs in more deprived areas of town to give young people constructive environments to be in. Young people can struggle to find outlets for their skills or positive role models to support them and it is vitally important that they are able to have a good start. Providing youth clubs or community outreach […]

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Have a cinema and more restaurants at tollgate, it’s a great place to go as it has good parking and a cinema would mean I would use the cinema more often

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Make our home clean and safe

Clean the streets in town centre, all stained and darkened paths and buildings. People would not believe that it is the oldest recorded town due to the facade. Pump money into the homeless shelter! So they can afford enough beds for the homeless as well as employ enough staff to help those in their care. […]

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Back to basics

Let’s get the roads fixed. I’m not just talking about the pot holes. Serious plans to get HGV’s out of small roads, tight roundabouts and quaint villages. I ride a motorbike and some of the road conditions are dangerous enough for a car. I’ve seen pot holes in tollgate that are 3 inches deep which […]

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Better bus station

Creating a proper place for the bus station rather than just at the edge of the road like it is now. Perhaps reuse the old site of the bus station as it’s not being used for anything!

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Bus station

A bus station that is able to take the volume of traffic and the the large busses. Due to health and safety the national express buses have been move to another part of the town.

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Faster, better public transport

The Town Centre is doing much better than many around. The main issue is with accessing it, and traffic around the town. Consideration to a Team system using many of the existing roads and bus lanes, linking car parks outside the town and the existing park and ride. Incentives not to use the current car […]

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High St rejuvenation

Reduce business rates for new, small businesses for up to 5 years. Give them the chance to make viable businesses before implementing full price charges. Pedestrianise the high St. Stop building poor quality, over priced, new build houses with zero infrastructure.

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Cycle Lanes

It is very difficult to get across town with the traffic and while biking would be a good opition, most cycle lanes end dangerously and do not link up as a whole network. Many people in Colchester make short journeys in cars which could be carried out by bike, alleviating the traffic, if only the […]

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Roads and traffic

The population has been on the rise for many years, and with Colchester’s layout the roads just cannot manage. I’m put off visiting my family due to the mass congestion… mainly the new Ipswich road roundabout works mess up the entire town with people trying to find alternative routes which in turn, blocks every road. […]

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Local buses are shocking, don’t run where passengers want to go or late enough. Why not run a circular weekend service that avoids the town centre to connect; Colchester Zoo, Tollgate Retail Park, Leisure World, Northern Gateway (when completed) with outer edges of the town. Customers prefer leisure on a weekend not just town centre […]

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Stop house building

Use open spaces as nature reserve we hAve enough housing and no appropriate infrastructure or work placements. We do need the open spaces for future protection of the environment and children ability to breathe freely.

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Electric car charge points

More electric car charge points should be installed across the town, in all car parks and also at supermarkets as well. The town needs to be doing more for tackling climate change and this is one way to help. The more charge points there are, the more comfortable people will feel in going electric.

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Wheelie bins

We need wheelie bins in Highwoods because being close to the woods our black bags are ripped open by vermin! Our streets are littered by nappies, wipes, animal food, cat litter and polystyrene and cardboard takeaway containers. These cannot be recycled, so wheelie bins are the answer!

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Music Hub

I would love to see a place somewhere in Essex like Colchester to become a hub for music – grassroots venues helping bands really develop their sound and in turn the Essex scene. Colchester has a really attractive potential to identify itself for this kind of arts and would attract people from across Essex of […]

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More bins on the streets would help. Especially in residential areas outside of the town centre and popular walking routes in and out of town. Wheelies bins (or an alternative where wheelie bins aren’t possible) would help keep litter from ripped black and recycling bags blowing around for years after every collection day.

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