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Safe overnight stops for motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Central community hub

A place where people could access from on place access to advice food, clothing arts opportunities, friendship, mental health drop ins but all brought together in one building so that it is known. On the lines of the Hope Centre Nortbampton or Johnny’s happy place Kettering It does not have to be huge to start […]

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Aldi footpath

We need a proper footpath between either the Spread Eagle pub or Blue Skies Fruit Salad Factory and the new Aldi store…no one with a wheelchair or a pushchair could manage to get there on a muddy verge. Also when you use the subway betweenDanesholme and Great Oakley there should be a proper path to […]

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Half of the town has been renovated, however some places still looks scruffy. Population is growing however not enough places for shopping or socialising, so still travel to nearby towns for both. Possibly need a small shopping centre with some activities such as bowling near Savoy to clear abandoned area behind terribly looking fence.

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Outdoor Space

Make the outdoor environment more welcoming. Fill potholes, turn on streets lights and create better walking or cycling routes. Corby in the dark can feel intimidating and access to green space is limited.

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More night and day entertainment ie a bowling alley, ice skating rink just things that people can do after the shops closes that’s it really more than what we have as all we have is a few pubs and a cinema

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Greener corby

Create an educational package for local primary encourage an essential awareness that our relationship with nature is an essential partnership crucial to all our well being ,not something to be disregarded as former generations have so often done .Nature is running out of time .on a local level we need to plant thousands of […]

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Climate Crisis

Climate crisis; improved travel infrastructure making roads and pavements safer for cycling, electric buses to improve our connectivity, improve our grid connection to allow more renewables, double the number of trees, insulate our homes and take up heat pumps (lots of hard to treat concrete walled homes are hugely expensive to heat) and wildflower all […]

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Improve the general state of the roads. Improve the links from the rail station to the town centre. Develop better mental health services including substance misuse. Further develop the urgent care centre with a small inpatient bed base.

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Corby Hospital

I am confident that a General hospital in Corby is greatly needed to help ease the huge pressure on Kettering General Hospital. With the town and surrounding areas ever expanding population, a hospital is vital as a main infrastructure project to this expansion.

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Pedestrian bridge

Replace the pelican crossing by Lidl on Oakley road with a pedestrian bridge. The current pelican crossing causes traffic to back up to the roundabout snarling up traffic flow badly.

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Hospital and better town centre

A new hospital is needed as Corby is only linked with kettering general hospital where always is too busy and the facilities are old. The town centre needs inprovements more modern buildings, mall, pubs,green areas etc.. The buildings in the city centre are so old and the town centre looks gray and old.

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CCTV for Villages

I would like to suggest that the villages that come under Corby Borough Council to have CCTV installed on entrances and exits to each village, with the increased activity in crime in villages and lack of police at least it would be monitoring the vehicles going in and out of the villages and help to […]

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With the Olympic Games coming up this year now is a better time than any to get people interested and focused on sport. There’s so many children out there that just need something to focus on. A multi purpose leisure centre or individual focus points either way I feel like this would be the best […]

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Carbon neutral

Carbon neutrality could be Corby’s USP. Commit to being carbon neutral by 2030 and make a shift in how and what’s invested. Climate crisis is here and this investment brings opportunity to have a carbon neutral golden thread through all that is invested in. Be bold and outward looking! Ie: waste to energy plant with […]

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KGH is overstretched. Routine operations waiting times are huge, A&E is at breaking point. Corby has grown so much at such a fast rate, a hospital should be built to accommodate Corby and East Northants.

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Maternity Unit

With the growing population Corby needs a maternity unit like it use to. Going to Kettering to give birth isn’t practical is all cases especially as some labour’s can be quick. A scan room or two and a labour Ward and a small ward to mums and baby afterwards. Takes alot of the pressure of […]

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Social benefits

Corby needs more things to actually do for social gatherings with friends or for family days out. A bowling alley or crazy golf is needed. And some better food places so Pizza Hut or something instead of more Same old places (olive prezzo very similar.. MACCIES🙄 all night needed). With more things to do in […]

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Improved lives for all

Rather than make a statement I’ll bullet point suggestions •fund youth clubs and aim to get the teens off the streets •improve public transport, the villages around Corby are isolated and need to improve to help aid the elderly • affordable housing for younger people who are struggling to get approved for a mortgage • […]

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Family friendly centres.

Corby is growing all the time and young families need spaces to go. We only have a few places such as the swimming pool or cheeky Monkees soft play. There needs to be a centre that has different things for children of differing ages and abilities to be able to do all in a safe […]

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A culture quarter for galleries, boutique shops, independent restaurants and museums. Corby could be any other town, there’s nothing different or individual that says this is a place where small artisan businesses can thrive and show who the people or Corby really are. I’m bored of big brand chains, let’s have some thing that says […]

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Police station more buses too the routes are been cut and also train station office should be opened we are 1 hour away from London bowling alley roller disco ice rink need back big soft play area for kids and adults with learning disabilities need more activities keep kids and teens off the streets

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Youth Opportunities

Support for current youth clubs/services/cadet forces. Incentives to help engage young people in activities already provided. New opportunities to be made available by local services or businesses to help keep young people busy, disciplined, interested, and excited. Make them feel proud to come from Corby and to help the community feel safer and together.

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Cultural activities

We need a better cultural programme in Corby. A gallery, more high quality theatre plays and concerts would be perfect. It will definitely improve the time spending of the young people. More quality time spent is better than going every weekend to pubs. We have to go to larger towns and cities to get a […]

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I would like to suggest a new bulid skatepark around the Lincoln area which would stop kids getting i to trouble and would keep them of the street

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Better school supplies

Kings wood secondary academy is one of the best school in Corby but it needs better school supply such as resources for the library and brand new computers because the one that it has are old and slow so this means that students in a few years time are not going to be able to […]

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More funding for childrens centres

The childrens centres in Corby help parents and children massively. They provide help and support for families who are struggling. They also provide a chance for young children and babies to socialise. Some of these children are from a background which would mean they wouldnt get to socialise if these services were to be cut. […]

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Activities, lights and roads

Pot holes and street lighting is very poor in some areas of Corby. Also, there aren’t enough things to do for people who are 15-25 that would like to hang out with their friends. For example, a bowling alley, bar/lounge, mini golf and there aren’t enough clothing shops like there’s only Primark, tk maxx, JD, […]

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Potholes and road safety

The roads in and arpund corby are awful. The potholes has causes two tyres of ours to be ruin in the space for 18 months. There are too many on the main roads. There needs to be a real investment in the quality of the roads before there is a serious accident.

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Public service

Corby really needs a hospital or extension of the lakeside clinic as it takes ages to book an appointment to a gp. Also a police station

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Better transport connectivity

We should have more northbound connectivity from Corby train station via Oakham to the north or to places like Manchester & Liverpool. Along with this there should be more emphasis on getting buses to serve the train station e.g Whippets 18, there should be more focus on getting people out their cars.

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Green spaces

For a continuation and expansion of the recent work done to the local parks and community areas. Areas such as West Glebe, Boating Lake, Hazel wood woods have undergone upgrades. This has gone to make the areas look much more inviting and give the town a brighter and more welcoming look to locals and visitors […]

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Infa Structure upgrade

Following the recent development in The Lakes no improvements were made to the roads. This needs to be done. There are more houses to be built across from the BP garage. Presently,when St Brendans is open people dropping and collecting children by car, cause further congestion. People turning into Beanfield Avue have to wait on […]



Potholes to be filled in. A bowling alley. More restaurants e.g. pizza hut.



At present the only way we can go by train is to Kettering. The number of people I speak to who have to travel to Peterbourgh by bus, to get the train to Scotland. Please could it be possible to have the line improved so we could get the train to Peterbourgh/Leicester.


mental health provision

counsellors should be situated in educational institutions to support young people suffering from mental health problems. mental health should be apart of educational curriculum, I think if teachers where trained in mental health and discussed it in lessons it would decrease suicidal rates, self harm and isolation. this would also severely decrease the stigma behind […]

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Complete the Corby Walk

Some of this money could be used to build a bridge across the railway to Complete the Vision of the Corby Walk, linking the town with the railway it would bring in shoppers and visitors to the town center, at this moment the railway was supposed to be a gateway for a transport hub, but […]

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Cycle paths

There’s no cycle path network around Corby to allow people to cycle to work. A few strategic cycle paths would cuts cars on the roads and improve people’s lives and reduce road accidents. People want to cycle around Corby but with the current infrastructure it’s simply too dangerous for many people to consider.


Provision for Young People

Training Provision in Corby for Young unemployed people. At the moment we only have one training provider who will provide employability skills to NEET’s. CKW offer training to young people with additional learning needs through their LEAP programme. However the programme is full and there isn’t anything else that young people can access.

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Better disabled access

The town centre shopping area pavements are dated and uneven this is not suitable for physically disabled and visually impaired as is a major trip hazard. Making it safer may encourage people to use local shops safely instead of shopping online.

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Complete the Corby Northern orbital road round to the A6116. Make connection roads from the new A43 into the south of Corby. More roads are needed to cope with peak times.


Corby Walk

Complete Corby Walk as originally planned. Direct connection between the enhanced rail service and town centre.

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Transition Town

Work towards making Corby a more sustainable place to live – this includes carbon reduction, better public transport to encourage people out of cars, better cycle and walking connections including to outlying villages , better policies on litter and reduction of single use plastics. Jon the Transition Network Oundle is a nearby example, and […]



A new massive kids indoor play area, affordable for families to allow their kids to play away in a safe play environment at affordable price. Maybe have a resturant/cafe so that adults can chill with wifi for internet browsing so they can work or surf the net whilst there kids play. Something for children upto […]



Corby desperately needs its own hospital. Corby has expanded over the last 40 years since the closure of the steel works yet 40 years later we still don’t have our own hospital. Kettering General Hospital is overflowing and cannot cope with the demands put on it so the creation of a new Corby hospital would […]



Corby would benefit from having a new police station and police officers assigned to local areas in and around Corby and the villages. In my opinion Real crime is increasing (recorded crime is just minipulation of real crime as so many crimes are only assigned as incidents to lower recorded crime figures)!!!!!!



Secure the future of Corby Urgent Care Centre and build another great facility for healthcare, possibly in Priors Hall.

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Independent traders

Make an affordable rental area for independent traders… non of this same old same old shops. A place of interest and curiosity’s. Antique/vintage shops, record store, unique jewellery etc…

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Fix the potholes Lots of warehouses popping up which is great for jobs, brings more traffic and heavy hgv’s….. improve the roads . It’s v noticeable you have arrived in corby with the shocking state of the roads


General Improvements

I realise this isn’t particularly ambitious but I would like to see Corby become visually more welcoming. Signs on all the major roads coming into town saying welcome, what facilities are available (theatre, cinema, pool, other leisure activities etc). Make more use of the woodland, encourage young people take part in cleaning up the woods, […]

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Make Corby carbon neutral

Get power companies to install solar panels on all houses/businesses etc, funding would need to be shared with the electricity generated also being shared. All new houses, public buildings etc should be built with good insulation, triple glazing and non-fossil fuel heating etc. Reduce parking charges for electric/hybrid vehicles and installing more charging points. Make […]


New Olympic sports

New Olympic sports, for the 2020 Olympics summer games skateboarding will be included. Corby already has a small skateboarding training area it would be good to increase this so that by 2024 the town could attract people to come and learn skateboarding and potentially be part of Olympic games. This would attract investment to the […]

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Youth services

A proper youth centre, not a 2hrs on a Thursday night job, but a purpose built/converted building with not just stuff to do but support services, access to help with education that’s outside of the school setting, would be a great place to have volunteers who are carpenters/computer programmer/mechanics and so on that could come […]


Smaller boutique shop spaces

Corby has regenerated the town centre using private funding but in doing so there are only huge shop spaces with rents to match. Small independent traders cannot compete. We could use some of this funding to create some smaller ‘back street’ type shop/cafe spaces. Corby would also benefit from regeneration in the beautiful woodland. We […]

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leisure activities

the town centre lacks choice in places to eat and drink and socialise, activities such as climbing – play centre and bowling alley / sports bar would create jobs and provide a draw into the town centre. There are more than enough empty shops in the high street that could support bars and restaurant’s and […]


Car Parking

Corby town centre has made fantastic improvements on it’s amenities and appearance over the last decade. However, the land adjacent to the now defunct TJ Hughes building, is a distinct eyesore with uneven pathways/roads and unregulated car parking. Could this area be repurposed to make it more useful, attractive and heavily enforce parking restrictions on […]