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That the MDC consider the reformation of the Town Band and look into the various routes and funding opportunities that may be available. I believe a town as historic as Glastonbury would have had an ensemble of musicians to represent its community. I must confess to a declared interest as a woodwind player. I eagerly […]

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With the instruction coming from Gov. that we should keep 2 metres apart for our safety, this is virtually impossible when confronted with people walking in both directions on our narrow pavements, without stepping onto the road to give way. May I suggest a temporary measure during this Pandemic. One pavement along the High St […]


Economic Diversity Study

Glastonbury is over-reliant on Tourism. The goal of community sustainability is to establish local economies that are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible. Achieving this goal requires participation from all sectors of the community, both to determine community needs and to identify and implement innovative and appropriate solutions. A study to investigate how Glastonbury […]

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More support for working couples

To have more provisoksn5in help support the working couples with no children, we work every day, pay far to much tax and are left with pennies, we dont get any type of support because of what we bring it, which apparently is more than enough to survive. It is not! I’m not entirely sure […]

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Economic impact of coronavirus

Glastonbury will have a new scenario to address – a different and more urgent economic future for our High Street retailers and hospitality providers – should the Coronavirus impact go throughout our tourist season. Essential parts of our tourist economy and town’s attraction will be affected; some will go out of business. Many spectator and […]

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A bypass road to move heavy vehicle traffic away from the narrow streets in Glastonbury. Also pedestrianised high street to protect shoppers. Coppice overgrown willows on the way to Baltonsborough and remove caravans.


Windmill hill

The park on wind mill hill is going into disrepair if it could be updated and have better things and better shelter for the green thing would’ve amazing this is coming from a 14 yr old by the way so this would affect me heavily

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Herbies Field

Turn herbies field in to a show ground as was promised from day it was sold to mendip district council for tor fair and shows and parking for town events.

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Brief history of this site can be found here TLC requires considerable investment to attract and retain traditional, outdoor sports activities along with facilities such as compliant changing rooms, hard surfaces, drainage etc. Grants, sports funding and support have been unavailable via MDC since mid ‘80’s. While the site has proved to be financially […]

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Investing in the health service. You have to wait two to three weeks to see a doctor (unless your problem is more urgent). Providing more talking therapies would also go a long way to helping with the mental health of the town. A community nurse or care person/s to visit the elderly in their own […]

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Glastonbury Youth

Give them safe places and entertainment where they can learn new skills and broaden their horizons. Give them a support system which empowers them to build a better community and space to become agents for change.

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Youth provision.

Develop a multi use youth and family support provision. With a built in youth led social enterprise, that can create a self funding sustainable model and skill development. Targeted at hard to reach young people.

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Sports and Leisure

Improve the facilities at Tor Sports and Leisure. Both the building and the field desperately need money spent on them. They are a great resource for the town and could be a wonderfulfacility for both adults and children.

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Tennis court

We currently have 2 tennis courts in the centre of town that are unusable because they need resurfacing. We also have a community hub called the red brick building which has more buildings that could be developed. There is also a lack of homes for young people. A site for caravans or tiny homes would […]

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Restore the Tor Labyrinth

Glastonbury Tor had an ancient labyrinth around it. I have tried to walk this with a friend from the plans but most of the marker stones have gone and the path is eroded and confusing at many points. Restoration would be an additional reason for tourists to visit the Tor, encourage us locals to do […]


Mini-supermarket (Wells Road)

That a mini supermarket, hopefully Co-op, could be opened on the Wells Road in the area between the Cemetery and Hospital, so that residents of Thorndun/Avalon/Sharpham estates and surrounding roads could have access to basic food supplies without having to travel into the town every time we run out of milk/bread etc.


Fix Magdalene Street

Carry out the necessary work so that the road drainage actually works. In rainy weather the road floods and pedestrians have to run past the flooded bits if they want to avoid being soaked by cars. This is a small item but could be run alongside more ambitious suggestions.


Cycle route

Can a cycle route be implemented from Wells to Street as this will help cut down congestion on the roads. Would prefer to cycle to work but the roads are unsafe.


Glastonbury waterfront.

The low lying land to the South of Actis estate to be formed into a water park with paddling pool , shallow coracle and kayak lake ,wildlife islands and iron age village replica. A small proportion of Chalice and White spring outflow to power artesian fountains. Possibly connecting with an ornamental cascade formed along the […]


Turn off WiFi at night

Every house supplied with a free timer plug so they can plug their router into it and time it to switch off at night. This would save electricity and also enable better sleep as some research suggests radiation emitted by routers is affecting the oxygenation of red blood cells and thus the body’s ability to […]


Community Land Trust

There are 4 commercial sites in Glastonbury earmarked for change of use to housing allocation in the Mendip Local Plan- Lintells Garage, Avalon Motors, and the Somerset County Council depot on Wells Road, and the hand car wash at the top of Street Road. Towns Fund money could be used to purchase some or all […]



Planting trees on all available sites in and around Glastonbury, from the High St, to the Abbey grounds, to the lower slopes of the Tor to the slopes of Wearyall Hill, with re-wilding of all sites. Lets become a green wild island again.


Pedestrianisation of high st

Brick pave,pedestrian access only high st,From town hall to St. John’s church ! Encourage Mendip Market to expand and ecorage certain other st features ! Cafes to be encouraged to place small tables onto high st ! Introduce private security ! Encourage tourism and build on the tourist trade ! Encourage certain st performers ! […]


Restoration of footpaths

I would like to see Glastonburys footpaths and sites of significant natural beauty taken greater care off. This would involve various maps, dog bins, repair of gates and styles, clearance and community inclusion. This would deepen visitors experience of our town as well as encouraging walking for well being. Running trails, fitness and community clubs […]


Zero Carbon Glastonbury

Glastonbury Town Council (along with many town, district and county councils, and the British Government) has declared a Climate Emergency. Therefore all our economic development needs to be aiming for a Zero Carbon future. Here is a list of potential projects with that in mind: Solar park Community owned panels on public buildings Wind turbines […]


Possible threads for Town Deal

Thread 1 – Regeneration of Beckery The whole of the Beckery area is considered by many Glastonbury residents to be the industrial heartland of the town. Since the monks diverted the River Brue to create the Mill Stream, many industries of all sizes have been founded along the Beckery road. There is now a group […]


Possible threads for Town Deal

Thread 2 – improved heritage and visitor offer in Glastonbury Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years, perhaps longer. Visitors today are drawn by many different aspects of Glastonbury, from Pagan beliefs through medieval and ecclesiastical history, to contemporary offers on wellbeing and improving health. There must be a possible thread […]