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East Anglian Tourist Route

Why not work with other towns to establish an East Anglia Coastal Touring Route and make motorhome visitors welcome by providing designated overnight parking for them. Many motorhomers are retired and travel all year, they have the grey pound in their pocket which they can spend in our pubs, restaurants shops and attractions. They need […]

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Motorhome stopovers

We could provide motorhome stopovers in the big Park and Ride car parks, such as those that Canterbury or Bury Sy Edmunds have. This would bring more visitors, tourists and money to local shops and restaurants, and revenue, in exchange for a few large spaces in the car parks. It would also bring revenue overnight […]


1 combined bus station

One bus station for Ipswich buses and Ipswich reds services which would make it easier to catch the bus in Ipswich. Maybe even have it indoor/outdoor. This has been mentioned in the local plan for Ipswich also.

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Better amenities that aren’t home bargains or B&M. ikea and homesense. Varied restaurant’s and to upgrade the marina like Liverpool with boutique shops

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Being able to park my car on my road without worrying about getting slapped with a ticket would be nice. I live on Wherstead road

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Revitalise Stoke

Stoke has been voted one of the most underfunded areas in the UK. The children here have nothing to do, and the area looks so downtrodden and rough. We need to make the stoke area (near Co-Op) a nicer place to live via paint work, a new youth centre, or something to this effect.

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Improve ipswich

·Bring park and ride, park and ride needs to be early enough in the morning and late enough in the evening for people to be able to rely on it. · more safe cycle lanes throughout the town. Encourage people to cycle and walk more to reduce pollution. ·More green areas. The area along the […]

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Future Ipswich

It’s important to build and invest in creating a harmonised community (once this coronavirus has gone), somewhere that; the youth can become confident, grow and develop into meaningful young, respectable young adults, learning life skills and how to get on with all, as per the changing diversity of Ipswich. We need more places for the […]

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Support the little guys.

Small business owner support. Re-ignite the high street by making it easier for small shops and pop-ups to open their doors. Lots of arts funding. Where are the alternative education provisions for children? Sustainable living support. Drinking fountains, banned non-recyclable items, far better doorstep recycling (how on earth doesn’t glass get collected?! Or food waste?!). […]

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Traffic lights

Get the money back for the traffic light system which was supposed to have been supplemented in 2018 the whole 21 million plus interest and add it to some other money to do most of the main roads leading into Ipswich.

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Better transport links

Looking for better transport links. Too many cars on the road mainly affected when Orwell bridge is closed. What about a tramway system running from 4 different sides of town (Sainsburys Purdis Farm- Tesco Copdock- Asda White House- Whestead Road).

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Opposite Quay Place

I’d love to see a small park made on the scrub land opposite Quay Place. It’s one of the major routes through our town and would help lift everyone’s spirits. I’d also like that little scruffy (listed?) house on the corner near the Jerwood Dance Studio to be done up and the Flour Mill to […]

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Northern bypass

The town needs a bypass to the north WITHOUT building any new homes. Felixstowe is home to the biggest container port in Europe and the A14 transports lorries from there to the midlands and beyond. When the Orwell bridge closes down, Ipswich becomes absolutely chock-a-block with traffic. This is bad for the environment as it […]

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Northern Bypass

A northern bypass is constructed to improve the regular congestion in the town and reduce journey times from Felixstowe to other parts of the county and country. While it is important that the public are consulted there should be greater consideration given to those who live and work in Ipswich who are negatively impacted by […]

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Sound of silence

The Corn Exchange in Cambridge hosts regular concerts, with many famous groups having played there over the years. Ipswich Corn Exchange is pretty much the same venue, yet rarely hosts any bands at all. It is frustrating having to always travel to Cambridge or Norwich to experience music so can more be done to improve […]

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Town and tourism

Subsidise/lower rent for retail and restaurant outlets in town centre to draw in big business and therefore tourists. Lower parking costs to also help boost tourism.

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Resolve traffic bottlenecks

Ipswich has an appalling problem with traffic in the town at peak times. The town is also completely gridlocked when the Orwell bridge is closed. Local politicians have turned down 2 good suggestions from Suffolk council, so now central government action and funding is needed to stop the town continuing to be crippled by this.

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Youth clubs

I would suggest a range of youth clubs the help keep the children off the streets and keep the safer than they are now. This would not only benefit the children, but also shop keepers as it seems that there is a lot of large groups that are hanging around the shops which makes it […]

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Indoor Skatepark

Children and teenagers in our community would like to have a indoor skate park around Suffolk so we don’t get wet outside on wet ground when people are skating as it’s dangerous when it’s in wet conditions. This will help with the community to come together at one spot where all people can skate together […]

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Public Transport

In light of the rejection of two major road infrastructure building schemes in Ipswich, alternatives must be considered. Taking into account the climate emergency and requirement for new housing, ensuring transport is sustainable and high quality is desperately important if the local economy is to be a success.

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Crime Rates

i think more money should be put into better CCTV and more police support around the town. Too many offences are happening involving the younger community and often it isn’t their fault.

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Economic Accelerators

An Electric Car Fast-Charging forecourt on the waterfront. It would make our town greener & would make alternately viable fuels more cheaply accessible to those here in Suffolk. Also Money towards a Northern Route Dual Carriageway around the north of the town to ease polluting congestion in the centre when the Orwell Bridge is shut […]

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More trees in the town centre …… it looks like a concrete car park

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Support the museum

If central government were to support the museum, and enable it to continue into the distant future, that would be a wonderful use of funds. The museum desperately needs to have some modernisation in the exhibits, and to maintain the wonderful Victorian buildings that have not had the same investment as similar establishments in London.

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Develop and improve

In an era of technology, people shop differently and tend not to use the town centre. New buildings are being created outside the town which pushes people further apart. Some beautiful buildings inside the town and close to it just need development and improving for people to use them as residential settings or schools etc. […]

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Local businesses

So many young people finishing their degrees would love the opportunity to have finances to support them in having their own businesses. It would help our local economy as well as giving young people a good path in life. I personally would like to have my own business and i really would love the support […]

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Closer to Nature

Sanctuaries for our injured/I’ll wildlife who is in most need. It is unbelievable how many animals suffer at the hands of humans and it’s unacceptable that we, as a community, are doing little to nothing about it. We, as a society, rely on nature for resources etc – we take so much, so why cannot […]

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Ice Hockey

I would suggest an Ice Rink so an Ice Hockey team can be created. This would give children alternative sports to play rather than the usual football, rugby and cricket.

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Supporting the Homeless

There are currently plenty of desolate buildings in Ipswich, particularly on the Main Street, that I feel could benefit from being used as a temporary hostel for Ipswich’s homeless. Not only with this being down begging on the streets and levels of petty crime such as minor theft, it would also provide the homeless with […]

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Empower Communites

All too often economic growth has relied on the private sector to provide investment. This state scheme will hopefully put the ownership of decision making back into the hands of the communities and small independent business that notoriously have felt left out of bureaucratic and private industry conversations that happen behind closed doors. For me […]