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Help the youth

Have a constant place open allowing young people to go to, to prevent them being cold, wet and to stop antisocial behaviour such as graffiti or vandalism. Give a nice area to help them be able to socialise without being damaging to the community.

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Theme park

Nando’s Maybe a bowling alley again??? Marks and Spencer’s Waitrose Go karting Free parking around train station Ultimately a theme park would make Keighley bounce back from the dead

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Spend the money on bringing large companies to Keighley. We need headquarters here.

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Support for those setting up as self employed for the first time

Support for independent retail/lesuire business start ups to revitalise the town centre. Focus on increasing uptake (for both young and adult learners) of upskilling to trade / vocational skills (plumbing/joinery/ building etc) so people can set up as sole trades people and help to set up as self-employed. Raising aspirations of young people in keighley […]

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Support for Asylum Seekers

Support for the asylum seekers & refugees being rehoused in Keighley. The Good Shepherd Centre in Guardhouse is an excellent place where those new arrivals can go for help & support. The Centre needs funding & staff to carry on its already excellent work.

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Regeneration of industry

Money to be spent providing training/education to help build a well skilled workforce to help employers grow and expand. Without better paid jobs in the town, it will die from lack of interest. Already Mark’s and Spencer has voted with its feet. If the business is not there, they will leave. Do something to help […]


Support local community centres

Money needs to be put into the local community centres that have had their funding cut and are only open due to volunteers, the centres are a hub within the community offering a safe place for the elderly and young to go to and if they close due to no funding coming in then there […]


Homeless or hungry…

Support for people with mental health issues and homeless or hungry… There’s more to these issues than the obvious… Youth workers are needed to help and people with experience of working with those whose lifestyle is dysfunctional… Roy Williams…



All this talk about the Airedale Centre what about the MARKET does everyone forget about it it’s been in Keighley for over 100 yrs how’s about spending some money on this it’s a great market with lots of independent businesses paying so much in rent and business rates stop with the Airedale for a while […]

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Keighley town

not a penny should be spent on the airedale centre unless its to help businesses move into it. not to upgrade a privatley owned company that make millions a year.. the airedale shopping centre is owned by a private trust that owns a portfolio of such establishments. invest into our hospital. invest into the schools. […]

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Young people

Young people NEED somewhere to go during the evenings to stop anti social behavior. Keighley is becoming scary which is really bad for the town and especially its residents

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Empty shop rental

I would like the money to be spent filling the empty/closed shops in Keighley. We need to focus on making the town look respectable for outside investors. The high street is crumbling and people are going elsewhere to shop.