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Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Local park

The park found along Skegby road is run down, I visited with my 1 year old son the other day for the first time in years. It is covered in mold, paint is chipping away, the grass is unmanaged, an abandoned town scene could be filmed there. It really is an eye sore, no wonder […]

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Rejuvenate the whole area

A lot of people have mentioned the one way system and the potholes which are all problems so I will make additional suggestions. Something needs to be done with the shop fronts. A lot look tired and shabby the only nice one is Swit swoo I think it’s called? Fences need painting, weeds need taking […]

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The town

The one way system is shocking you can sot for hours in heavy traffic going nowhere. I think we need more retail shops and less takeaways and hairdressers would love to see clothes and shoe shops I may then start to use the town more a d I agree the town looks tired and old. […]

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Romo factories

Turn the Romo factories into leisure complex, with bowling, laser/VR games, food, cinema etc. This will attract more people, more people = more footfall, more footfall = better shops on the high street

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Roads & trains

– Improve one way system in the centre – Improve the Kingsway/Diamond Avenue junction as the traffic is awful at peak times – Improve the railway station facilities

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Something… anything for the kids?? There’s not a lot at all, in Kirkby town for children to do. Somewhere mums can take them that’s easy to find. Play centres, crazy golf, bowling, something to make Kirkby more of a memorable place! Even a big area that’s full of small little market spots with hideouts for […]

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Lindleys lane

Not sure what people’s issue is with the one way system, it’s only about 3 roads that it covers. Bigger issue is the junction coming out of lindleys lane(near b&m) it’s a death trap. Either stop cars parking in the bays either side the junction or put a camera on and fine people that go […]

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Community initiatives

Community comes from people coming together for a common purpose. Outdoor, nature based activities such as walking, running, cycling have so many proven benefits. Provide good pathways and back it up with publicity and free to attend events for people to explore their local area.

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Fix the roads!

Stop wasting money on sculptures, statues, Christmas decorations and STUPID one way systems and fix the roads! Then, when they are dug up; hold the company who digs or repairs it accountable for 5+ years.

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Parks and green space

Although a few have been updated, actual childs play wasnt taken into consideration at all. All parks need sufficient age appropriate frames etc to play on. The littering is horrendous and needs an actual human worker to do this task daily.

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More shops that aren’t going to get closed down after so long to attract more to the area

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Waggon and Houses

Give this to the community as a community pub/shop/hub. There’s no much in this part of Kirkby and a venue where people could met up and have coffees etc would be good. There’s easy access to the local footpaths and people could go walking running etc and then head to the old pub before going […]

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Our town would like to see free parking but also a safe car park for the businesses and their employee’s in Kirkby in Ashfield.

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Shopping precinct

We could really do with a quality shopping precinct making use of the unused market square and surrounding area. Also the existing shop fronts on Station Road could have a major update.

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Improve the kids parks

Titchfield park near the Kirkby cross is very dated and could do with a revamp I’m 30 and some of the stuff has been on their since I was a kid it’s a lovely space and respected by dog walkers unlike some of the other parks in the area so let’s make it better for […]

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One way system

Re open all the streets as they use to be and get rid of the one way system this mite bring more business to some of the shops and it seems to have died off since the one way system was brought in total shambles

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more shops and road repairs

can we have some decent shops please eg clothing shops, green grocers, perhaps another supermarket. Major repairs to the roads eg potholes. a decent market eg selling fresh fruit veg, meat, haberdashery, clothing, hardware, perhaps once a month a farmers market like they have in Grantham Lincolnshire. A shoe shop would be good. Perhaps a […]

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More car parking

The town needs more car parking that’s free to bring people to our shops. The streets around Morrison’s are full of cars. Also need more of a range of shops not just take away and hair dressers.

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Open up Lowmoor Road for traffic to go through as the system we have now is appalling.

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More jobs

Generate more public spaces and shops, therefor creating more jobs and money. Also a park with a football net/basketball court would be good to give kids somewhere safe to play

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New footpath

Would it be possible to have a gravel footpath installed from the top of diamond avenue traffic lights along the B6020 to normans hill/thieves wood as their is no safe access for walkers and cyclists, there is plenty of grass verge so it wouldn’t cost that much , making it accessible without using a car

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Retail park

Bring a retail park to Kirkby to increase jobs for the locals. Bring more people in from around as the town would offer more. Have a bus route from smaller villages like rainworth and ravens head as Kirkby is the closest town to these but only accessible if you drive.

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One way system!

A total review of the current one way system, which is absolutely appalling. In addition to this, a complete upgrade of our roads and pavements, which doesn’t include the usual and unacceptable patchwork fixes. This in itself would tidy up the area


Shop fronts

A lot of the shop fronts could do with a face lift. Lets brighten up the area and make it a place where people want to shop