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Aire for Lincoln

Lincoln is a fantastic place to visit. I lived there for 7 years and would love to be able to spend a few nights there staying in my Motorhome. So hopefully Lincoln should consider providing a European style Aire with access and close proximity to the city. Undoubtedly this would attract many motor-homers and help […]


Aire style parking at park and ride

There have been a few suggestions for park and ride facilities. I would like to add that these could include overnight stops for fully self-contained motorhomes/campervans. This would be overnight parking (not camping) allowing sleeping in the vehicle. There are over 250,000 motorhomes registered in this country. Having somewhere to park that is accessible for […]


Pedestrianise Bailgate

From the corner with Westgate (Greggs) to the corner with Eastgate (White Hart), pedestrianise this historic area of Lincoln making it access only for deliveries to the shops (certain times), and access to the WH car park. The pavements are narrow and the traffic is surprisingly regular so you can’t walk down the road.

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connections to Sincil Bank

I would like to see the completion of the plan to provide a lift enabled bridge over the railway where the current blue bridge is. The current bridge is not accessible for mobility impaired people and not all use mobility scooters. To get to the city centre from Sincil Bank is either via High Street […]

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i would like to see community transport supported community transport is a much needed service for the disabled ppl of Lincoln community transport is there life line for getting around

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Public Realm High Street/Brayford

Public realm scheme in Lincoln City centre making the high street more attractive and a user friendly space. Better paving, removing planters, creating proper seating areas / green space if possible. It would also be good to see the Brayford improved, this is one of the main entertainment areas for eating and socialising. It looks […]

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Cycle paths and footpaths

More investment in cycle paths and foot paths. Cherry Willingham is a very short distance from Lincoln, walkable you those able, yet there is no footpath from the village and no cycle path. With both of these additions car traffic would be reduced and safety improved.

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Traffic improvements

If residential parking could be improved, or extended by laying some new parking lots (even small ones, which can fit up to 10 cars) would free up space on the road and relieve parking stress.

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New Jobs via Start Up Companies

Help fund new ‘worthwhile’ start up companies particularly for young people. Profits deriving from the medium and long term success in this type of investment would create extra cash & spend therefore in itself helping or solving a huge amount other ideas and concerns within the city. ✔️

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Faster broadband in rural areas

I have had bad internet my entire lifw its so hard when im trying ti get on with work (I deal with telecommunication so i somtimes work from home) and the internet is too slow to di anything or seriously slows my work efficiently down. I live in Thorpe on the hill (Lincoln). It would […]

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Support to existing groups

Essentially the funds coming to Lincoln from this national pot would be too small for a major project but would prove a lifeline to small local groups and charities helping with homelessness, mental health support, addiction, small locally managed improvement projects etc. I’ve not listed all the admiral projects as there are so many. Local […]

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Building better houses

Lincoln is building ‘first-time homes’ everywhere where they are small, no storage and on top of one another. I think it is okay for a first time home, but there is way too many of them now where it is ruining the ‘Lincoln views’ of fields and agriculture. It will get to a stage where […]

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Improve road safety on A15 Between Lincoln and Sleaford

Currently this section of A15 is a death trap for drivers! Build roundabouts at the busy junctions like A15/B1202 (Metheringham), A15/B1178 (Harmston) and A15/B1429 (Cranwell). With the upcoming opening of the new bypass the traffic on A15 will most likely increase and worsen the current traffic situation. The current speed limit of 60miles/hour (approx 100km/hour) […]

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Connect small towns by rail

Create new (or renewed) rail links to small towns around Lincoln, making those towns better connected to the urban center, and the regional and national transport links out from Lincoln. This would make these small towns less reliant on cars to access Lincoln and beyond, and create regional connectivity that could improve the city and […]

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Make Lincoln an urban forest

Invest in a massive urban treat planting scheme to bring much needed nature to the city, while sequestering carbon, and acting to slow surface runoff of water. An initial focus could be to green the High Street, particularly the recently pedestrianised section south of the level crossing which has become a sea of grey concrete. […]

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Cycle and footpath renovation

Would it be possible to put some investments into new and existing cycle paths. Current paths are either ambiguous(bad signage), inappropriate (due to width of pavements) or simply non existent, especially around High street and Boultham. This is leading to bikers constantly using footpaths and pavements as they feel unsafe which will sooner or later […]

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Stay Active

I think an Ice Skating Rinc would be great for all ages. I had one to go to as I was growing up. Young people especially need places to go to enjoy healthy activities.

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Lights or sign on Ruston Way

Almost all traffic turning off the roundabout onto Ruston way do so at speed and without indicating, posing a danger to pedestrians. I live in Ruston Way so use this crossing everyday and it is a constant problem. Traffic lights, a zebra crossing or even a sign reminding motorists to indicate their turning would make […]

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Better funding in Lincoln to reduce rough sleeping and increase rehabilitation

More funds to assist local authorities to reduce the incidence of homelessness and rough sleeping in Lincoln by providing targeted funding to generally improve rehabilitation for homeless and rough sleeping individuals. This should aim to reduce the incidence of drug abuse through social programmes instead of imprisonment or punishment. Funding should also be given to […]

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Turning on street lights

There is a vast community of young adults and students who spend nights out in Lincoln yet on their way home become vulnerable as the lights turn off stupidly early, there is an increasing crime rate and people are beginning to feel even more unsafe. I suggest maybe if it’s just Friday and Saturday nights […]

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Rivers and canal

Clean up all of the rivers and canals, the heavy rain has been causing too much flooding and last time it was cleaned they let the branches/mess jsut flow up the river

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Feeling safe, being safe

Money to increase visible policing and reassurance with additional PCSOs across the City. Bring back Park Rangers to reduce ASB in parks. Feel safe and be safe to increase inward investment to the City. Really deal with cycling through pedestrian area, it’s a danger to older visitors and leads to a feeling of being less […]

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Activity complex to cater for all ages

Mega activity complex. Many cities boast an independent swimming pool (not attached to a school), ski slopes, indoor & outdoor climbing walls (think Go Ape), activity sessions for various ages, soft play for toddlers, ice rink, etc also low or cheap car parking for this facility and or throughout the city as prices are ridiculous […]

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New shopping centre

Lincoln needs better retail which will attract more tourists which will lead to more money which can be untested back into the city. The waterside centre is the best shopping centre we have and it’s definitely dying.

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Road/street cleaning

I take great pride in living in central Lincoln. However, I find the state of my road in the West End and other areas to be quite upsetting and embarrassing. I am aware that roads uphill and in the Bailgate are regularly swept and cleaned by the council and so I would like for this […]

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Development of Green Areas and Funding for Local Community Art Projects

The recent developments in the Cornhill Quarter and St. Marks are benefitial to moving Lincoln forward, but we must not forget our rural roots and traditional heritige. Improving our developing city with better access to green spaces, and ensuring Lincoln does not become the “concrete jungle” many have been vocal to fear. Having local artists […]

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Dredging of the Brayford Waterways

Heavy rain is becoming a more frequent occurrence and the rising levels of the Brayford is becoming concerning for local residents and businesses. Even as much as a few hours heavy rainfall is creating run off of excess water from local lands containing high levels of mud is ending up in the Brayford and the […]


Expand the hospital

The hospital hasn’t grown in years yet the population of Lincoln has risen rapidly due to the uni. This is putting pressure on the staff and the hospital with shortages of beds and space. Day units are permanently open over the winter months as 24/7 care. The A&E waiting area is tiny and there are […]


Connecting Lincoln with small towns

Due to Lincolnshire being a rural area it is a difficulty to get around without the use of a car, even more so without reliable buses. As Lincoln is the capitol of Lincolnshire, easily accessed public transport is a must. Connecting the small towns such as Louth with more reliable and timely buses will allow […]


Co-op community space. For Art, education, community support.

Lincoln lacks basic space for live music, indie art and community building events. A community cafe/bar/exhibition space in a city owned, large space on then highstreet which could host community events such as classes/workshops/functions not mention gigs for indie acts and exhibitions. During the day could accommodate students, tourists, residents young and old for food […]


Help For The Homeless

Shelters and/or rehabilitation programmes should be put in place to help the homeless people of lincoln. There is a huge problem with homelessness in lincoln, especially considering the size of the place, and it needs to be addressed.


Better transport

Create or expand a station to the south and north of the city and create a park and ride/tram service which would allow for a quick and easy shuttle into the city centre. Reduce traffic and improve air quality.


Skatepark for Lincoln

Lincoln City Centre is in dire need of a skatepark. There have been many plans for one over the last 20 years but they have all fallen through at various stages of development. The skateparks in villages around the city are mostly small and outdated, we need something in the city that can be accessed […]

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Independent businesses

The old market is such a fantastic venue and it need a wealth of investment so little businesses could use it as a start up to potentially grow. Lincoln has started to see the benefits of shopping locally and shopping independently it now needs to be encouraged. There’s no help from business link or any […]

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Municipal Activity centre

Ice Rink. Fun pool. Cinema. Jump centre. Climbing Walls. Skate park Venue for music and theatre Restaurants attached for an all in one centre. Maybe incorporate a snow dome as well for all winter activities. So bringing more people to Lincoln rather than them travelling to other centres.


Central swimming pool

A swimming pool in the centre of Lincoln would be a great addition. Easily accessed to those without transport or with a form of physical disability so are unable to access Yarborough leisure centre. A swimming pool would promote both physical and mental health, be used by all communities within the city; student, non-student, young, […]

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Southern bypass

Shortly, 3/4 of Lincoln will have a circular bypass. The final quarter already has its route earmarked and the land has been purchased. Since this date around 7 years ago, there have been hundreds of new houses built along the planned route. Thus the traffic situation is close to untenable and will only get worse […]


Vulnerable people

Investment in help for those that are homeless . So much funding goes into business or any of the below but as is normal there is no option for helping actual people. This is under “other” . Why not invest in places to care for our homeless ? They are people just as you or […]

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Regenerate the Market

Regenerate the market and encourage new traders in. The current state of the market building is disgusting but in such a beautiful building, with some spending Lincoln could rival Nottingham for its inside market.


Community compost bins

Large compost bins in main areas that people can place garden waste free of charge. When this is broken down to soil, let the community help themselves to the soil. Will save on people putting garden waste into other household bins

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Trains to the NW

The travel networks connecting Lincoln with the rest of the country are very poor. Although direct trains have been improved to London, travelling West to the North West of the country is specially hard. Trains to Nottingham and Sheffield (often the main point of change to other areas of the country) are extremely slow and […]

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More local police on patrol 24/7. Increase in police outside the city centre where crime is taking place – someone must analyse crime patterns and be able to allocate to those areas where increased crime is taking place

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Investment in an improved public transport system, the traffic in lincoln is shocking, free school buses might take some parents off the road as well

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I live in uphill Lincoln not in the wider county. Yet have a Skelton bus service. No buses after 6pm!

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Support for people in poverty

Poverty is something that there is no excuse for in the 7th richest country in the world. People in poverty need more support, even if that’s seminars they can attend to help manage their money better. I personally believe counselling should be free for people in these situations as it can usually bring about mental […]


Park and Ride South Lincoln

A park and ride located on the southern side of the city between Bracebridge Heath and Canwick to reduce the volume of traffic utilising Canwick hill to access the city centre. This will also assist with parking during the Christmas market and encourage the use of sustainable transport.

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Develop cycle path network

Develop the existing cycle network to allow two way cycle traffic and to cater for pedestrians on a separate path along the A607 cliff villages. Expand the cycle path network with a dedicated link from Bracebridge Heath to Canwick hill (B1188) & St.Catherines (A15) without cyclists having to use these main roads.

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Old police headquarters

The police have vacated a large head office in central Lincoln, this building is owned by the council but they do not have the resources to make into anything so it is left empty. This would be a great central hub to be used for local engagement. It could have an innovation area for businesses […]


Expand roads

A46 between skellingthorpe and Doddington widened and fitted with central barrier to reduce bottle neck traffic at peak times and accidents. A15 is also in dire need of expanding it is a major route in and out of the city and with the volume of traffic it needs to be considered. Soon as peak times […]

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Sheltered/more seating in town

It would be nice if there was more seating in town as Lincoln is so busy it’s hard to find places to sit outside. Also if they could be not in the main flow of traffic, the ones opposite Witch and Wardrobe are positioned perfectly and surrounded with bushes and trees to give some privacy.

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Lincoln circular road

Invest money into a Southern bypass to connect to current Eastern bypass project and complete a Lincoln circular ring road. Ideally dual carriageway. This will help to relieve the high levels of traffic in the city centre and improve air quality in pedestrianised areas.


Less Level Crossings

Infrastructure development targeted at improving the safety and congestion on Lincoln’s streets. Alongside the Hykeham Relief Road, this should focus on reducing Lincoln’s reliance on level crossings, which lead to long delays in journeys, add complexity to the railway and cause a number of incidents each year.

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Including the community

The lower part of the high street (ritz to South Common) seems very forgotten and the neighborhoods round the area are seen as rough. Keeping street lights on all night and investing in those communities needs to be of high importance. Lincoln needs better public transport, better train services and bus links to discourage car […]

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