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Youth centre

A youth centre/training centre, there’s nothing for the young leading to antisocial behaviour, maybe a youth club teaching skills like cooking, handling finance understanding money, music and sport, support for parents including the locals schools

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If Toton Strategic Location for Growth (TSLFG) is developed as envisaged in https://www.emcouncils.gov.uk/write/East_Midlands_HS2_Growth_Strategy_-_September_2017.pdf, residents of Long Eaton will travel to TSLFG to work, and residents of TSLFG will travel to Long Eaton to shop. Residents from redeveloped “land north of Lock Lane, Sawley” will travel to Long Eaton. People from redeveloped Radcliffe-on-Soar may wish to […]

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Secure cycle-parking

Residents should be able to cycle to Long Eaton’s shops, and then park their bikes where they won’t be stolen, while they do their shopping. How about putting some secure cycle-parking facilities near Long Eaton’s shops? This could be done, for example, by extending the https://www.transportnottingham.com/cycling/park-your-bike/ system into Long Eaton town-centre.

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Regenerate the town centre

The town centre is struggling with a lack of decent shops, too many charity shops and not enough support for small businesses. The pressures on small bespoke businesses are huge and they should be given financial incentives (or reductions in charges) for the first few years of opening. The traffic management needs to be reviewed […]

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Extend the Tram from Stapleford to Long Eaton, using the area behind Asda. Free Wifi in the Town Centre as well.