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Make Long Eaton enjoyable

Any other big boys like McDonalds use up shops that are empty rather than charity shops Create more shops for people to go to because the choices are limited here. Create some kind of shelter for people to get out of the rain and at the same time stop yobs from hanging around it. Now […]

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Distributed-model business and leisure facilities

With this significant pot of money, we could establish a whole collection of community-based, public owned facilities that benefit all groups within the local community, brought together under a local, community-focussed banner. Under said banner, the potential set of state-of-the-art leisure and business facilities is highly varied. As an example, we could have a kids […]

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The risk of shoplifting and vandalism is off putting to businesses, and can ruin public amenities for everyone. I propose an up to date, moveable, high picture quality cameras with speakers, so camera operators can tell people they are being watched as a deterrent. The police already have a volunteer network to watch the footage. […]

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A new boiler for West Park swimming pool & new changing facilities With the government urging people to exercise more ( especially children) it should be a priority to provide a better service. The water is frequently too cold & the boiler is unreliable. With schools using this pool it seriously needs improvement.

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I would like to see a greener long eaton, potentially allowing a bus that travels through long eaton that is powered by renewable energy. I would like to see our town become greener with the introduction of trees through our high street and well kept gardens with available access between 9am-10pm for families and also […]

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Save the 11th century church

St Laurence church directly in the centre of Long Eaton has alot of people gathering from round the community and brings people together from babys to Older generations.From all the rain damage we are really struggling financially to get the church roof damage fixed and any help would be great towards it. As a Long […]

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Long Venice

I suggest, as we are a flood ridden town to a degree, we flood the town permenantly and attract tourist attention to our humble town. Dig out the town centre, flood west park and simply be rid free of ASDA. Tesco is already on stilts. Raise the ground or dig around the areas of housing […]

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Close the Low Level Railway

Close the low level railway through Long Eaton allowing the removal of the two level crissings which would improve traffic flow and access to the commercial premises on Meadow Lane. It would also ease access to the town centre from residences on this side of the town. The cost to create the bypass line has […]

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The roads in Long Eaton are so bad its like you’re off roading. Also the physical infrastructure of roads is terrible, Long Eaton is always congested and needs improvement desperately.

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Improvement of school paths

It would be great to see the paths improved around Parklands and Harrington School. They get flooded really easily. Children and their parents have to wade through enormous puddles to get into school. It would also be great if the carpark could be resurfaced. I understand that the schools are not provided with enough funding […]

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Indoor Market and fill empty shops

The market stalls are being demolished. Could we use this area to create an indoor market place that is secure when not used but also vibrant and bussling when open. Have electric points to enable lighting at each pitch. Possible lockable pitches to enable traders to securely store their stock for possible daily trade. Fill […]

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Market Place

I think Long Eaton needs a square as a focal point. The old market is currently underused and needs opening up and making attractive. I suggest creating a square for events with planting and sculptures. If the old Dorothy Perkins building was demolished and a walkway created, this could unlock the area to make way […]

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Subsidised Adult learning centre

I would like to suggest a subsidised adult learning centre with evening and weekend classes for those that work full time. The cost of adult learning for those not on benefits can be ridiculous yes people work full time but they don’t have that much disposable income. Some people would like to better themselves but […]

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We need more green spaces, more trees to combat pollution, the air is awful on the overly congested roads. Tamworth Road at the island at the train stagnation is a big congestion bottleneck, better traffic control is needed on the island e.g. lights. The traffic queues back through Sawley at peak times causing pedestrians to […]


Cinema bowling complex

Better entertainment facilities for children. You have to go to nottingham or derby for the cinema. A entertainment complex with different things would be great. Also get more shops on the high street. Too many charity shops. Encourage a busy market place and local stall holders on a saturday. Better traffic system at the green. […]


Family Leisure facilities

A bowling alley with some pool/ snooker tables, air hockey, table tennis. This would be great for young people and families for somewhere indoors to spend free time and weekends. Kids can spend pocket money on a game of pool with friends whilst parent meet for coffee. Fun for groups, families and parties with bowling […]


Indoor market

The current market stalls are being taken down. Maybe create an indoor market area in its place with electric points and lighting. This could be used for evening markets, craft markets, farmers markets and community awareness stalls along with the normal market days.

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Seating areas

Improve pavements & road crossings from Brooklands Court to Lloyd’s Bank including many more benches. This route is used a lot by elderly people with poor mobility and is really very unsafe and not a pleasant way for them to reach the town centre from the two retirement complexes. Making better use of the library […]


Old Cinema area

The old Ritz cinema, once a bingo hall, has been left derelict for years and is really unsightly. This should be renovated or replaced, maybe as a community resource, and the whole area surrounding it could be improved, especially around the bus stops near the job centre.


Youth centre

A youth centre/training centre, there’s nothing for the young leading to antisocial behaviour, maybe a youth club teaching skills like cooking, handling finance understanding money, music and sport, support for parents including the locals schools



If Toton Strategic Location for Growth (TSLFG) is developed as envisaged in https://www.emcouncils.gov.uk/write/East_Midlands_HS2_Growth_Strategy_-_September_2017.pdf, residents of Long Eaton will travel to TSLFG to work, and residents of TSLFG will travel to Long Eaton to shop. Residents from redeveloped “land north of Lock Lane, Sawley” will travel to Long Eaton. People from redeveloped Radcliffe-on-Soar may wish to […]


Secure cycle-parking

Residents should be able to cycle to Long Eaton’s shops, and then park their bikes where they won’t be stolen, while they do their shopping. How about putting some secure cycle-parking facilities near Long Eaton’s shops? This could be done, for example, by extending the https://www.transportnottingham.com/cycling/park-your-bike/ system into Long Eaton town-centre.


Regenerate the town centre

The town centre is struggling with a lack of decent shops, too many charity shops and not enough support for small businesses. The pressures on small bespoke businesses are huge and they should be given financial incentives (or reductions in charges) for the first few years of opening. The traffic management needs to be reviewed […]



Extend the Tram from Stapleford to Long Eaton, using the area behind Asda. Free Wifi in the Town Centre as well.