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Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]



A series of events/activities that can bring members of the community together. It could be light displays, activities for children or older people or recognising cultural events in a meaningful way

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Cut council tax

Put all council and job centre services online, shut the council offices and the white-elephant magistrates court. Cut councillor expenses to zero. Utilise a portacabin for the remaining core personnel (who could be volunteers). Contract out bin and street cleaning on a 5 year contract and cut council tax and business rates by 80%.

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Reduce parking costs

I don’t go into town any more as it costs me £5 to park for a few hours…shop online instead for £3 delivery?? Towns have to start offering free parking to attract people back!!!!

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Better Loughborough for all

Widening of the A6004 / Epinal Way (between A6 junction and Road About after the Hospital). Better investment within the Town Centre to enable more retail and shopping experience for people of Loughborough with the aim of reducing the need for people to go out of Loughborough. More investment in better public transport that is […]

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A Bypass

I would like to propose that a bypass be built around Loughborough. As I’m sure very many of you are aware, during the peak hours of the early morning rush hour and between 4.30pm and 6.00pm the traffic along Epinal Way and the A6004 is quite frankly scandalous. It is bumper to bumper everyday and […]

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Active town

Cycling paths around town and centre including infrastructure. Shoping centre with designed brands. Aqua park. CCTV improvement. Play parks for teenagers.

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Junction 25 incinerator

Spend it on an inquiry as to how the planning application was successful. It’s the biggest threat to air pollution in loughborough a town well known for sport should not have a municipal waste burning incinerator on its doorstep. Revoke the planning application approved by the then minister for communities.

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Safety for women!

There needs to be more street lights throughout the residential area around the town centre and university campus! These dark alleyways are hotspots for violent attacks and sexual assault especially for women walking on their own. An increase in police presence as well would also reduce the likelihood of this happening so frequently!

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Hospital facilities

More specialist treatments and tests need to be offered at the Loughborough hospital for the ageing population. Also a very large car park space is wasted and left empty at Pinfold gate medical centre which could be used for an A and E hospital expansion site.

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Electric public transport and prices

There is not enough Frequent public transport for Loughborough in which is affordable and environment friendly – the traffic during rush hours is awful and stressful – maybe a tram service like in Nottingham would be beneficial for everyone. In addition public transport expenses can be extortionate, to get a train from Loughborough to anywhere […]

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Grants for small businesses

Loughborough once used to be a thriving market town, with lots of small and larger businneses. Its very sad to see alot of closures but it would be good to see more financial support offered to these businesses. To help the future of Loughborough thrive, as well as offer more job opportunities within the town.

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Car park behind Cineworld

Do something with this space behind cineworld to allow people to park here (or in a section of it) when visiting the complex. It would make it easier for people to visit the cinema and surrounding restaurants if they can drive in and park closely

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celebrate heritage

Loughborough has a rich heritage and many excellent museums and other heritage venues, please ensure to include support for these museums in the plans. Heritage is part of Loughborough’s story!

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Get the old Great Central Railway going, and more development toward the two train stations in Loughborough

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Traffic in and around loughborough is ridiculous, especially down epinal way past the university. Why is it that the university gets bigger and more house get built yet no new roads or widening of existing roads take place?! MAJOR road works needed.

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Independent Businesses

Stimulus packages or tax reliefs should be in place for new businesses as they start up. Loughborough is among one of the worst shopping areas for business diversity, cleanliness and overall experience. We live in Loughborough, but shop in Nottingham as there are more choices to make, and a better general feel for the shopping […]

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Support for homeless

Some homeless people spend their nights in parking lots in subzero temperatures. Although they are able to go to the existing shelters for food and shower etc., they can’t really stay for the night as there aren’t enough beds. We should invest in a shelter that can provide at least a warm bed at night […]

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I would like to suggest creating an enclosed dog park, as being a dog owner I think it would be a lot safer. A lot of dog owners would appreciate an area that is safe to let dogs off the lead to play with other dogs without the fear of cyclists and joggers. It would […]

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Drugs out of the town centre

Whenever I’m walking through the town centre I’m extremely disheartened and sometimes scared of seeing individuals, whether homeless or not, both under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. We are increasingly becoming known as a “spice-town”. Both users and passerby’s need to be protected and those with the addictions need to be given proper […]

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Should have more things besides shopping to do in town centre all we have is two cinemas. What about bowling, arcades, mini golf etc. That is what our town needs to keep teens and students spending locally

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Independent retailers

Someone made a comment previously about supporting independent retailers to move along filling some of the empty shops. The town in general at the moment is looking sad and shabby and in major need of a good spruce up (including help for homeless), and I think some proper support to make people want to have […]

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Roads/Cycle Lanes

It’s great to see that Loughborough is a relatively bike friendly town with some strategically placed cycle lanes, however some of these lanes, especially on Ashby road, are so uncomfortable to ride on when on something that isn’t a fully fledged mountain bike; that you end up riding out of the cycle lane and onto […]

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Make Loughborough cleaner

Have more bins available in the town centre AND the neighbouring streets. Include some campaigns to encourage the use of such bins to reduce the rubbish, animal poop and shop rubbish flying around the town! This also applies to the market where those running stalls seem to happily allow plastic and other wrapping to disappear […]

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Jacuzzi fun house

It would be really cool to have an open roof top bar with jacuzzis. Would definitely attract visitors from Nottingham and lecister as nothing of this sort exists. Would help to put loughborough on the map and give it an identity.

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Dodgy people

There seems to be a severe number of junkies in the town centre and surrounding council estates… I have children who live around here and soon they will want to walk to schools by themselves – my daughter was approached by an inappropriate gentleman who offered her drugs for a fair price, she worriedly scuttled […]

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A Living Town Centre

The town centre ‘dies’ after about 4pm, especially during the week. There should more residential options for people to live in the town centre and the University and College should have a presence in the town centre so that there are students and staff bringing more life to the town during the day and in […]


A Centre for Children

How lovely it would be to have somewhere in the centre of Loughborough where children and their parents could just ‘be’ without the pressure to buy anything with qualified play workers who could offer advice or signpost to other services. It could provide somewhere to play, craft/art, read books and listen to stories, breastfeed and […]


Transport electrification

There are currently two public charging points for electric cars in the town centre, one of which is generally broken. With the government introducing a ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrids from 2030, and a rapid uptake in EV ownership now happening, all towns and cities need to start investing in […]


Help the Homeless

Supporting the homeless/ those at risk or hungry. Support for those with addiction/ mental health issues. With all the empty properties/ shops being wasted around here, one could be made into a homeless shelter


Improve rail services

Loughborough is ideally located between Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, and is only around an hour from each of London, Birmingham and Sheffield. With such poor and overpriced rail connectivity, however, it does not benefit from its location anywhere near as much as it could or should do. Travellers are held hostage to extortionate prices to […]


Independent retailers

A lot of stores are now empty in the town centre. It would be lovely to see independent retailers take over the stores, perhaps funding could be used to tidy up the insides and provide some generic shop fittings, together with help for rental costs during start-up. This won’t just make the town look better, […]



The leisure centre in Mountsorrel needs the changing facilities gutting and replacing as many of the boards are rotten. The Sorrel cafe needs funding to turn into a proper community centre.